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Chromium Sulfide Cr2S3 Powder CAS 12018-22-3, 99.99%

Chromium(III), sulfide, is an inorganic chemical compound that has the formula Cr2S3. Chromium Sulfide has a water- and acid-soluble Chromium for use compatible with Sulfates. Particle size : 100mesh

Purity: 99.99%

Chromium Sulfide Properties

Product Code Chromium Sulfide
Formula: Cr2S3

Cas No.



chromium trisulphide


Chromium sulfide

Chromium Sulfide Brown Black Powder; chromium (3+) Sulfide (2 : 3)

EINECS: 234-638-8

Chromium sulfide chemical formula

: Cr2S3

Chromium sulfide Molecular weight

: 200.17

Chromium sulfide Information

Brown, there are two types: trigonals and orthorhombics.

Chromium sulfide Density

(g/mL): 3.972 g/cm3 for the trigonometric system, and 3.922g/cm3 for the orthorhombic system.

Chromium sulfide Solubility


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Chromium Sulfide Cr2S3 Powder


Inorganic compound, Cr2S3, is also known as chromium sulfur dioxide powder.

What is Cr2S3 called?

Chromium sulfide, a brownish-black solid, is insoluble in water.

Is chromium sulfuride an ionic substance?


Inorganic compound of the formula Cr2S3, chromium (III) sulfide. Chromium sulfides, which range in formula from CrS to Cr0.67S Cr2S3, are typically nonstoichiometric. Chromium sulfide has a molecular structure that varies from Crs to Cr0.67S, which is equivalent to Cr2S3. According to X rays, chromium sulfide consists primarily of nickel arsenide (1 stoichiometric proportion) and cadmium OH2 (1 stoichiometric relation). The Cr-Cr separation of certain metal-metal bond is 2.78 A.

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What is the production of Chromium sulfide Cr2S3?

Chromium sulfur is a source of chromium that is acid-soluble, moderately water-soluble, and compatible with sulfates. Sulfate, also known as a sulfate ester, is formed when one or more hydrogens are replaced with a metal. Metallic sulfate is readily soluble and used to treat water. Fluorides and oxides are not soluble. Organometallics are soluble both in organic and water solutions.

Chromium sulfide can be produced by combining a stoichiometric amount of chromium powder with sulfur powder at a temperature of 1000degC.

The chromium-sulfur mixture can be obtained by mixing the two elements in a molar proportion of 2:3, heating in vacuum one day later, cooling and crushing, and finally heating in vacuum and cooling slowly.


Chromium Sulfide Cr2S3 Powder


Chromium Sulfide in Water will undergo double hydrolysis reactions to produce chromium Hydroxide, HS and even H2S.

Storage Conditions of Chromium Sulfide, Cr2S3 powder:

Chromium-Sulfide Powder Cr2S3 will not perform well if it is damp. It should be packed in vacuum and kept in a room that is cool and dry. Cr2S3 Powder should not be exposed to stress.

Shipping & Packing of Chromium Sulfide, Cr2S3 powder:

The packaging is dependent on the amount of Cr2S3 powder.

Chromium sulfide Cr2S3 powder packing: vacuum packaging, 100g/bag, 500g/bag or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel or your request.

As soon as you receive payment, the Chromium Sulfide powder Cr2S3 can be shipped by air or sea.

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Chromium Sulfide Properties

Alternative Names
chromium(III) sulfide, chromium(3+) trisulfide,

Dichromium trisulphide powder, Cr2S3

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass

Brown Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

3.77 g/cm3

Solubility In H2O

Exact Count

Chromium Sulfide Health & Safety Information

Sign Word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety Declarations

Transport Information

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