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Cellular Light Weight Bricks

Gold is a high-quality hedge hedging tool, favored by investors. Especially in recent years, with the increasing instability of the world economy, gold has become one of the preferred asset allocations of investors because of its functions of hedging and fighting inflation. 

Earlier, the worsening situation in Ukraine sent gold prices soaring to a two-year high of $2,070 an ounce. But gold, along with other commodities, fell back last week as conditions changed and bulls took profits, hitting a low of $1,895 an ounce. Rising gold prices may also have an impact on the cellular light weight bricks prices. 

According to China Business News, Goldman Sachs raised its gold price forecast in early March, considering Asian buyers’ gold consumption demand, investment demand and central bank gold purchase demand continue to rise. Three -, six – and 12-month targets were raised to $2,300, $2,500 and $2,500 an ounce, respectively, from $1,950, $2,050 and $2,150. The last time all three accelerated was in 2010-11 when gold prices rose nearly 70%. 

The World Gold Council has also noted that global gold demand is at its highest level in nearly two years, which is linked to a recovery in consumption and consumer sentiment to combat inflation. 

Introduction to Cellular Light Weight Bricks

Cellular light weight bricks, or CLC bricks (Cellular Light Weight Concrete Bricks) are made of cellular light weight concrete (CLC). Cellular light weight concrete is made of cement, fly ash, and water, adding preformed stable foam. Adding foam to a concrete mixture can create millions of tiny voids, or cells, in the material, hence it is also called foam concrete. Cellular light weight bricks can be used as a substitute for red bricks.


Cellular Light Weight Bricks VS Conventional Clay Bricks

The work of making traditional bricks causes many environmental and health problems. In addition, extreme weather may cause deterioration of brick surfaces due to freezing damage. By contrast, CLC brick is environmentally-friendly and more energy-saving. It does not emit pollutants or produce toxic products or byproducts. And the compressive strength of CLC blocks is higher than that of conventional clay bricks.


Advantages of Cellular Light Weight Bricks

Light weight: The density of CLC bricks varies from 600 to 800 Kg/cubic meter, which is almost three times less than traditional clay bricks;


Sound insulation;

Thermal insulation;

Lower water absorption: Due to the non-interconnected air pockets, the water absorption of CLC bricks is lower than that of any other material, thus help to reduce cracks in the walls;

Fire protection.

Suppliers of Foaming Agent for CLC Bricks:

TRUNNANO is a reliable cellular light weight bricks foaming agents and foam generator supplier with over 12-year experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. If you are looking for high quality products, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. (

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Product name are used in various high-tech fields, so the market demand for cellular light weight bricks will continue to rise. We are a quality supplier of cellular light weight bricks name, please feel free to contact us.

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