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Interaction of sodium oleate with the surface of aluminum

What is sodium oleate?

Tert dodecyl mercaptan (TDM) was first proposed as a mixed collector with NaOl for diaspore flotation. It is proved that the selective separation of diaspore and kaolinite can be effectively achieved using a mixed collector of NaOl and TDM (NaOl: TDM mole ratio = 8:2, dosage = 0.1 mM) at pH = 9. Compared with single collector NaOl or TDM, mixed collector NaOl/TDM has stronger hydrophobic association and surface activity. Mixed collector NaOl/TDM can co-adsorb on diaspore through physical adsorption, and the adsorption strength of the diaspore surface is greater than that of kaolinite with NaOl/TDM mixed collector. The addition of TDM can enhance the adsorption strength of NaOl on diaspore. And TDM also adsorbs on the surface of the diaspore, thus forming synergistic adsorption between TDM and NaOl. TDM has almost no adsorption on its surface for kaolinite when mixed with collector NaOl/TDM treats together. These experimental results show that adding TDM can promote the flotation separation of diaspore from kaolinite by NaOl. Mixed collector NaOl/TDM can achieve better separation of diaspore and kaolinite.


Interaction of sodium oleate with the surface of aluminum

The authors establish the nature of the adsorption of monolayers of Na oleate, determine their structure and composition, and determine the influence of modification of the Al surface and the time of its exposure in the solution on the adsorption of Na oleate. The data obtained are necessary to understand the mechanism of the protective action of Na oleate as an inhibitor of the atmospheric corrosion of aluminum. After the exposure of aluminum to concentrated nitric acid, a layer consisting of oxides, nitrogen-containing salts, and aluminum hydroxides is formed on its surface. Modification on the surface accelerates the chemisorption of sodium oleate and the ion-exchange reaction in solution. In this case, the chemisorption of sodium oleate increases the work function by 0.3 eV while forming phase layers of aluminum oleate decreases it by 0.25 eV. In the case of analogous exposures in solution, the aluminum oleate layers' thickness is greater on a modified surface.


Is sodium oleate an organic compound?

Sodium oleate, or sodium oleic acid, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as long-chain fatty acids. Aqueous sodium oleate (NaOl) solutions show interesting micellar behavior, markedly dependent on concentration, temperature, and pH. NaOl forms a transparent nonviscous solution at pH 9.5, which transforms into a highly viscous (gel-like) fluid at pH 12, followed by phase separation at pH 13. After the treatment of NaOl/TDM, the characteristic peaks of NaOl show that it is adsorbed on the mineral surface, but no adsorption of TDM is found. It may be that the adsorption of TDM is weak, so the adsorption effect is not obvious at low concentrations. Compared with the infrared spectra of kaolinite treated by NaOl, the peak intensities treated by NaOl/TDM are weakened, which indicates that the diaspore treated by NaOl/TDM mixed collector has weaker adsorption. This is consistent with the flotation test results, proving that the mixed NaOl/TDM can effectively separate diaspore and kaolinite.


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