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Nitinol Metal Powder – Property and Preparation |

What is the nitinol-metal powder property?

Nitinol powder

This NiTi alloy material powder belongs to an alloy that has a special memory function. Shape Memories Alloys (or SMA, short for Shape Memory Alloys) can completely eliminate the alloy’s deformation at a lower temperature, and then restore it after heating. The alloy material with the “memory” effect is the one in its original form.

Numerous successful cases have been made of the use of nitinol-metal powder in the aerospace industry. An antenna for the artificial satellite may be made from memory alloy. Fold the parabolic antenna into a satellite body before you launch an artificial spacecraft. The rocket will lift off to launch the artificial satellite into orbit. It only needs heating. Due to its “memory”, the folded satellite antenna will naturally unfold and regain its parabolic form.

Many fields, such as aerospace, electronics, biomedicine, bridge building, automobile industry, daily life, and machine and electronic engineering, use shape memory alloys because of their many outstanding properties.

How do you prepare nitinol-metal powder?

For the preparation of spherical, nitinol powder using PREP method: NiTi alloy bars

These are the preparation steps to prepare spherical Nitinol metal powder using PREP method: First, weigh the materials and measure them according to the experiment design plan. Next, pour the material into a ball milling tank made of cemented carbide for wet grinding. The ball milling process takes approximately 24 hours. The pellets from the ball milling are vacuum dried in 50 minutes, at 38°C. They then get added to a granulation agent. The powder is placed in a single-column hydraulic pressing for compression forming. After drying, it is placed in a dewaxing low pressure sintering integrated oven for sintering.

The PREP method was successfully developed using NiTi alloy bars as the raw materials. It includes ball milling, drying and granulation. Most nitinol metallic powders are made of spherical particles. The martensite conversion temperature decreases with decreasing particle sizes. Preparing the PREP method results in spherical, nitinol-metal powder. Its hardness, densification level, and bending force are significantly improved.

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Nitinol metal powder

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