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Silicon Disulfide Powder – Property and Preparation |

What is silicon disulfide?

Silicon disulfide

It is a white fibrous, orthorhombic or Tetragonal crystal system. SiS2 is silicon disulfide’s molecular formula. SiO2 and H2S are the most stable forms of silicon disulfide. When exposed to moisture, they decompose into SiO2 (or siO2) and H2S, respectively, and it burns in hot air.

Silicon disulfide can be described as an organic compound having the chemical formula SiS2. Although similar to silica this material is a crystalline polymer. However its one-dimensional structure makes it different from regular silica.

What is the Silicon Disulfide Preparation?

1. Place aluminum powder and any excess sulfur in a crucible. Burn to make aluminum sulfide. The aluminum sulfide can be crushed and mixed with some silica. Combine the mixture in a large crockpot. Next, heat the crockpot while passing a small amount dry nitrogen into the quartz tubes. The reaction occurs at 1100 degC. At 1200 to 1300degC silicate adheres to the tube’s lower temperature. Purifying the mixture of silicon and sulfur can be done in vacuum or nitrogen. To get tetragonal SiS2, the mixture of silicon, sulfur is heated to 700degC at 5x103MPa.

2. Heating to melt hydrocarbon sulfide based silicon. This results in silicon disulfide, and sulfide being generated at 250-300 degrees Celsius. If sulfur is included, it will be decomposed at a lower temperature. Mix 96g of Sulfur and 39g Si(SC2H5)4 together. Heat at 200C for 10 min to produce silicon disulfide (C2H5–S2-C2H5,C2H5–S3-C2H5). After the mixture has been dissolved in alcohol, it is filtered under conditions to prevent moisture mixing.

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