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Silicon powder preparation and applications

What is silicon powder?

Silicon powder (Microsilica or Silica Fume) is also called Silica Fume. Silicon powder is a by-product of smelting ferrosilicon alloy or industrial silicon, which is oxidized and cooled by the silicon vapor discharged from the flue. Silicon powder is one of the best performances of all the admixtures and also the most expensive admixture. Generally, it is only used in high-strength and high durability concrete.



Application of silicon powder.

Silicon powder is often used alone or in combination with other ingredients to produce various products. This mineral has water-absorbing and thickening properties. These characteristics make silica widely used in building materials, beauty productsand food industries.

Silica is the most common mineral on earth. It is a component of sand and quartz. Manufacturers make natural silica into powder or small particles. Some factories also produce synthetic silica, but it all comes from silica sand. Natural or artificial silica powder is common in non-food products.

Microdiatoms are single-celled fats that retain a hard shell and also contain silica. They are found in salt and fresh water beds. This kind of silica is also called amorphous silica and is usually used after being ground into particles or fine powder. Diatomite silicon dioxide can be used in food or other products.

Quartz powder or glass powder is produced when silica sand is heated to extreme temperatures and dissolved. When molded by craftsmen and cooled, the material turns into glass. Paints, plastics, PVC glue, and corrosion-resistant coatings all contain silicon powder. In these products, silica is used as a thickener or hardener.

Some detergents and detergents also contain silicon powder. This granular mineral can be used to rub surfaces. Silica detergent can be used to clean clothes, tableware, or as an ingredient in washing powder. Some toothpaste manufacturers also use diatomite as a friction ingredient.

Silica cosmetics contain a silky translucent powder that absorbs skin oils. This mineral is hypoallergenic and is thought by some to reduce wrinkles. Other consumers buy silica powder and add it to their lawns or soil to help keep moisture down, even from pests. But be aware that inhaling the powder can lead to serious lung infections or cancer.

Silicon powder also has practical uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries because it can absorb up to 50% of its weight in water. The silica powder formed by diatomite is often used as an anti-caking agent in coffee companions, powdered foodsand condiments. Commonly seen in medicines or health care products moisture-proof silicone bags usually also contain silica ingredients.

Silicon powder Supplier

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