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China accounts for 51% of global annual coal production.

Compared with coal mines in China, the United States and Russia, China’s annual coal output reaches 4.153 billion tons, accounting for 51% of global output.

Now China’s coal reserves are already ranked first in the world, which greatly makes up for the shortage of resources in China, and also makes us the world’s first in the annual output of this resource. There are some very good developments in the coal industry. prospect.

In general, what is the situation of the coal mines in the three countries of China, the United States and Russia?

What is the status of China’s coal development?

The largest coal field in the United States is the Appalachian coalfield, which produces the most coal, covering an area of ​​180,000 square kilometers and a thickness of 900 meters.

The amount of coal reached 316.8 billion tons, accounting for 9% of the coal reserves in the United States. The total amount of coal in Russia is now 157 billion tons. Their largest coal field is the Kuzbass coal field, which covers an area of ​​26,700 square kilometers. The thickness of this coal field is not deep, so it is easier to mine.

It also contains a large amount of high-quality coal, which is not only inexpensive to use, but also a treasure trove of resources in Russia. Therefore, this coalfield is very important for Russia in the use of coal resources.

The largest coalfield in China is our Shenfu coalfield. This coalfield covers an area of ​​26,000 square kilometers. It was just discovered in 1984. Its total coal volume is 134.94 billion tons, accounting for 134.94 billion tons of coal in China 15%.

This coalfield also has some characteristics of shallow coal seam and good quality. After the reform and opening up, the coal mining industry has continuously improved. In terms of coal mining and transportation, our technology has been greatly improved. Therefore, at the same time, coal mining also provides more development jobs for the local area, brings better economic conditions to the local area, and also provides a very large guarantee for the national industry, so that China’s coal production can maintain a stable use on demand.

Coal, as a non-renewable resource, is in great demand for a country in the current industrial use process. Even though the coal content in China is relatively high, in order not to over-exploit coal mines, China also imports a certain amount of coal from other countries a year, and other countries have similar situations, so in fact, the coal industry is still relatively large in the world.

However, in 2021, due to the impact of the epidemic, global coal production will decline.

However, what is unexpected is that China’s coal production still ranks first in the world, occupying the world’s largest coal producer. 51% of the total output, which shows that China’s coal industry has been very stable and has not been affected by the epidemic.

The development of coal mining in China has also gone through a certain historical period. In order to provide more raw materials for industrial production, more than 40 coal mining enterprises have been vigorously mining coal since the founding of New China.

Although there were more than 200 mines in the country in the early days, due to the lack of more advanced technology and mining tools in some of them, the output at that time could only reach 32.4 million tons a year.

However, after the 1980s, China’s coal reserves have been relatively high in the world’s rankings, especially after the 1990s, after China’s vigorous development of the coal industry and the promotion of further construction and development, it encouraged efficient production of modern machinery and equipment. This enables China to have more advanced technology in coal mining, which further increases our annual coal output.

So far, it has become the country with the largest coal production and the largest consumption. By 2021, China’s coal production will reach 4.153 billion tons, setting a record high.

Until now, coal is also very important to us.

In many large-scale industrial constructions, coal is the most important type of material for thermal power generation, and in our daily life, coal is also widely used, even now Under the circumstance of environmental promotion, the research and development of new energy is a very important thing for the world.

However, from the current situation, raw resources such as oil and coal still play an irreplaceable role in short-term industrial use and the total amount of energy production and consumption that industrial raw materials can use in China for a long time. Among them, coal accounted for 70%.

Therefore, from the perspective of the use of this energy in the whole country, the large demand for coal use should not change for a long time.

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