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Negative electrodes in battery caused by defects in natural flake graphite

Negative electrodes in battery caused by defects in natural flake graphite

 Natural graphite is made of organic carbon at high temperatures. It is steel-gray and black-gray with semi-metallic shine, hexagonal crystal system and hexagonal layered structures. It is resistant to high temperatures, heat conductivity and electrical conductivity as well as plasticity, lubrication and corrosion resistance.

 Graphite is a popular anode material. Graphite is a carbon material with higher conductivity and crystallinity than other carbon materials. It also has a good layered structure, charge-discharge potential, and better conductivity. The current process is mature, low-cost, and cost-effective. It is an excellent anode material.

 Natural flake graphite is used as the negative electrode in battery.

However, natural flake graphite can have some disadvantages.

 1. Flake graphite powder is very specific in surface area. This has a significant impact on the first charge and discharge efficiency for the negative electrode.

 2. The graphite’s lamellar structure means that Li+ cannot be embedded beyond the material’s end and slowly diffuses into the particles. Flake graphite’s anisotropy makes it difficult for Li+ to diffuse through the material. This results in a low specific capacity.

 3. The interlayer spacing in graphite is very small. This increases Li+’s diffusion resistance and makes magnification difficult. Li+ can easily deposit lithium dendrite on graphite’s surface during fast charging. This poses serious safety hazards.

 These problems can be solved by natural graphite being modified through particle spheroidization and surface oxidation and surface fluorination.

 This spherical graphite exhibits high conductivity, high crystallinity and low cost. It also has high theoretical lithium intercalation capacities, low charge-discharge potency, and high crystallinity.

 Carbon coating is the most popular method to modify graphite at present, due to its cost-effectiveness and high performance. Modified natural graphite has a specific capacity of 340370mAh/g for commercial applications, while the Coulomb efficiency in the first week is 90%. The 93% DOD cycle can be extended to more than 1000 times which can meet the performance requirements for consumer electronic products.

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