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Global science and technology innovation industries rush to London, and investment in climate science and technology industry grows strongly

London & Partners recently announced that in 2023, the agency has completed 100 overseas direct investment (FDI) projects in London, creating a total of 4,380 jobs, a year-on-year increase of 40%. According to relevant data from the London Development Agency, a total of 278 independent companies have set up operations in London in 2023, making it the third largest international investment destination in the world after Dubai and Singapore, highlighting London’s role as the British capital in global investors. The technological innovation environment that is highly dynamic and resilient is becoming an investment hub for innovative industries.

Laura Citron, CEO of London Development and Promotion Agency, said that as a London business and investment management agency, London Development and Promotion Agency’s global team plays a role similar to Bole, “identifying international enterprises with high growth potential in important technology fields around the world. And let these enterprises drive the sustainable development of London. From evaluating commercial projects, forming initial teams, to contacting customers and investment institutions, the London Development and Promotion Agency provides professional support to international enterprises entering London by taking root in London’s global perspective.”

Global technology

Of the 100 direct overseas projects completed by LDA this year, 29% came from India, followed by Europe (24%) and North America (23%) regions and China (18%). In terms of industry breakdown, the field of climate science and technology has proliferated in recent years and is the industry with the most significant investment growth. Such projects account for 23% of international investment projects, which has doubled compared with last year and has created nearly 1,000 job opportunities. , a year-on-year increase of 200%, which, to a certain extent, verifies the growth and investment trends of the global technology industry.

Of all the climate technology investment projects introduced by the London Development and Promotion Agency this year, the most eye-catching one comes from the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD (BYD), which is currently the world’s largest electric car manufacturer. The company chose London as its location. UK headquarters. As the leading supplier of electric buses to the London Transport System, BYD will deliver 1,000 electric buses to the London Transport System by 2023, helping the London Transport System form one of the biggest electric bus fleets in Europe. This year marks another milestone in BYD’s global journey. The company opened its first store in London and announced its entry into the European electric vehicle field.

In November, Janet Coyle, managing director of the economic, trade, science and innovation industry at the London Development Promotion Agency, shared BYD’s experience in entering the London market during the “UK-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Conference” in Shenzhen. She said that BYD’s relationship with London can be traced back To the 2012 London Olympics when the London Development Promotion Agency contacted BYD and helped BYD connect with Transport for London. The following year, the brand officially entered the London market. BYD has expanded its presence in the UK over the years. They have joined forces with their partner ADL to launch more than 10 pure electric buses for the British market, including single-decker and double-decker buses. They have gradually become the largest supplier of pure electric buses in the London transportation system. At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in the UK in 2021, BYD pure electric buses served as the official shuttle bus to provide green travel services for representatives from more than 190 countries and regions.

BYD EV Models

In addition to BYD, London also welcomed Cloverly, a climate action technology company from Atlanta in the United States, and Allume Energy, an Australian shared solar solutions technology company.

In the Smart Centers Index 8 recently released by the British think tank Z/Yen Group, London ranked first in the world, which mentioned that London has outstanding achievements in digital construction in the field of climate technology.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “I am delighted to witness the important milestone of London Development and Promotion Agency’s 100th FDI this year, which has effectively promoted economic growth and supported local employment. I am particularly excited to see London’s progress in the field of climate technology. Attracting global industry and investment also reflects London’s commitment to decreasing carbon emissions and improving air quality. Since taking office, I have committed myself to becoming the most pro-business mayor in London’s history, and we will continue to work hard to build a Working towards a fairer, more prosperous London.”

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