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What is Indium Selenide Used for?

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Unlike koalas, which are on the brink of extinction, the market demand for Indium Selenide will grow substantially.

What is Indium Selenide?

Indium Selenide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula In2Se3.
Black crystals or dark black scale-like substances. It is a typical
two-dimensional layered semiconductor material.

Single crystal indium selenide can be prepared by the Bridgman–Stockberger
method. Using a certain proportion of selenium and indium as raw materials, each
compound of indium selenide can be prepared by reacting in a tube furnace at
high temperature for a long time.

The research on the hydrothermal synthesis of In2Se3 was relatively late.
Ascorbic acid was dissolved in ethanol solution at 60 °C, then InCl3 and Se
powder were added, and the reaction kettle was kept at 220 °C for 20 hours. -4
μm flower-like γ-In2Se3 spheres.

What is indium selenide used for

InSe is a bandgap-tunable layered semiconductor material with nonlinear
optical response over a wide wavelength range. The researchers obtained InSe
nanosheets with suitable thickness and band gap by a liquid-phase exfoliation
method, and systematically investigated their nonlinear optics and ultrafast
carrier dynamics at different pulse width scales (ns and fs).

The researchers found that InSe nanosheets are more likely to reach saturable
absorption under wide-pulse laser excitation. Furthermore, the InSe dispersions
exhibit different mechanisms of scattering phenomena at different pulse
durations, which are due to the thermal effect under ns-pulse excitation and the
dynamic spatial self-phase modulation of the laser flow under fs-pulse

At the same time, the optical switch modulation is realized by
utilizing the competitive relationship between saturable absorption at low
energy and nonlinear scattering at high energy. The time-resolved pump-probe
results indicate that the InSe dispersion has an ultrafast saturable absorption
process and a photoinduced absorption process that may be caused by free carrier
absorption or bandgap renormalization.


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Commodities such as crude oil, wheat, cotton, and nickel have rallied since Russia’s “special military operations” began in late February. On the last trading day of this quarter, commodities were on track for their biggest gain since 1990. For this reason, it is expected that the price of the Indium Selenide will continue to increase.

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