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Where is Aluminum Nitride Used?

Now China has become a powerful country in science and technology, but do you know how powerful China’s technology is? The manned space station alone is not enough, and now it has successfully broken through the key technology of nuclear fusion, even leading the world by 15 years. Does this mean that China is not far from the artificial sun? It turned out that the fully superconducting tokamak nuclear fusion experimental device developed by China at the Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully achieved a record of 101 seconds of continuous operation at 120 million degrees Celsius, and broke the world record. Compared with the previous record in South Korea, China has time has been directly extended by 5 times, and it seems that we are one step closer to the practical stage of artificial sun.
The success of nuclear fusion technology will lead to the development of Aluminum Nitride,AlN.

What is Aluminum Nitride

Aluminum nitride, covalent bond compound, chemical formula is AIN, is an
atomic crystal, belongs to diamond-like nitride, hexagonal system, wurtzite
crystal structure, non-toxic, white or off-white.

AlN is stable up to 2200°C. The strength at room temperature is high, and the
strength decreases slowly with the increase of temperature. Good thermal
conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, is a good thermal shock
material. It has strong corrosion resistance to molten metal, and is an ideal
crucible material for casting pure iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy. Aluminum
nitride is also an electrical insulator with good dielectric properties and is
also promising as an electrical component. The aluminum nitride coating on the
gallium arsenide surface protects it from ion implantation during annealing.
Aluminum nitride is also a catalyst for the conversion of hexagonal boron
nitride to cubic boron nitride.

Where is Aluminium nitride used?

Due to the properties of the piezoelectric effect of aluminum nitride,
epitaxial stretching of aluminum nitride crystals is also used for surface
acoustic wave detectors. The detectors are placed on silicon wafers. There are
very few places where these thin films can be produced reliably.

Aluminum nitride ceramics have the characteristics of high room temperature
and high temperature strength, small expansion coefficient and good thermal
conductivity, and can be used as heat exchanger materials for high temperature
structural parts.

Using aluminum nitride ceramics to resist the corrosion properties of iron,
aluminum and other metals and alloys, it can be used as crucible and casting
mold materials for smelting Al, Cu, Ag, Pb and other metals.

AlN is mainly used in the microelectronics industry as an electrically
insulating but thermally conductive barrier in silicon-based electronic devices.
Given its deep ultraviolet bandgap, there is interest in high-quality AlN
structures that can be used as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or lasers to
generate ultraviolet light.


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