Japan's Lubricating Oil Overseas Trade Proportion Increases in 2019, The Consumption of Friction Modifier Organic Molybdenum Rises by 30%

The recently released data from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan shows that in 2019, Japan's domestic sales of lubricants will decline. Still, both imports and exports will increase, and production will also increase. In the Japanese lubricant trade, the proportion of overseas trade continues to grow.

In 2019, Japan's domestic lubricant sales fell by 10% to 1.4 million tons. However, the number of imported lubricants increased by 30% to nearly 203,000 tons. 92% of Japan's imported oils come from Asia, and the remaining 8% come from the United States and the rest of the world. In each category, the domestic sales of marine lubricants were almost flat, close to 126,600 tons. Sales of industrial lubricants fell by 1% to 301,200 tons. Metal processing oil sales fell by 5% to 141.16 million tons. In terms of grease, the import volume of Japanese lubricants increased by 39.6% last year to 1,711 tons. Among them, Japan imported 811 tons of fat from the United States and 671 tons from Asia, and the rest of the imported fat came from other parts of the world.
In terms of production, Japan's lubricating oil production in 2019 increased by 10.2% to 2.1 million tons. Export volume increased by 23% to 883,000 tons. Asia is Japan's largest export market for lubricants, reaching 841,000 tons. In Asia, South Korea and China are the largest buyers of Japanese oils. The company's exports to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia also increased, but its exports to the United States fell from 4,700 tons to 3,870 tons. Japan's grease exports last year fell 31% to 841 tons, and exports to major Asian markets fell sharply.
With the increase in the proportion of Japanese lubricants in overseas trade, the consumption of high-quality friction modifier MoDTP also increased by 30%.
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