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Is magnesium stearate in new coronavirus drugs harmful to the human body?

At present, most concerned drugs are related to the treatment of new coronaviruses. One of the most widely used additives in medicine is magnesium stearate. Most of the drugs on the market have this additive. But it is often called another name, such as "vegetable stearate" or "stereo acid," which is almost everywhere.
Although this additive is ubiquitous, magnesium stearate is also one of the most controversial ingredients in the supplement world. In some respects, it is similar to the controversy over vitamin B17. There is controversy s. Still, it is not as harmful as some products, because it can usually only be used in minimal doses.
Potential side effects of magnesium stearate
This mineral has no fixed adverse impact because it contains stable neutral compounds, consisting of minerals and edible acids. On the other hand, an overdose of magnesium can impair neuromuscular conduction and, although very rare, can also lead to weakness and diminished reflexes.
Extraordinary things can sometimes happen, and severe toxicity is most common after intravenous infusion over several hours and can occur after the chronic overdose, especially in the case of renal insufficiency. Severe toxicity is reported after acute ingestion, but it is scarce. Still, this report has not reassured everyone.
No obvious side effects found
The study used 40 rats and fed 0%, 5%, 10%, or 20% magnesium stearate on a semi-synthetic diet for 3 months. The 20% group was found to have reduced weight gain, decreased liver weight, and increased iron, kidney stones, and renal calcium deposits. 10% group: liver weight was reduced. 0%-5% group: no side effects observed, equivalent to less than 2500 mg per kilogram of body weight per day
Magnesium stearate and all its derivatives are cost-effective additives for pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers. At the same time, however, they pose little or no threat to those who consume it as part of a natural health supplement. All those claims that fillers cause harm are not based on science at all.
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