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Analysis of Global Graphite Mineral Resources Status and International Trade Pattern

In recent years, graphite has been increasingly used in strategic emerging industries such as electronic communications, lithium-ion batteries, aerospace, biomedicine, environmental protection, and new energy. At present, the focus of graphite consumption is shifting from traditional industries to strategic emerging industries. Because of this, graphite will become a highly concerned resource.

Graphite resource distribution analysis
The world's largest graphite deposits are mainly located in China, Europe, Mexico, the United States, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Madagascar. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the current world graphite resource reserves are 250 million tons.

Graphite resource production status
Global natural graphite producers are highly concentrated, mainly in China, India, and Brazil.
From 2011 to 2019, the world's natural graphite output remained stable. China's production has long been ranked first in the world, with annual output accounting for about 65% of the world's total output; India's graphite output ranks second in the world, with yearly output accounting for about 14% of total world output. The production of Brazil, North Korea, and Canada ranks 3-5, which are stable at about 7%, 3%, and 2% of the world's total output, respectively. North America's natural graphite production accounts for 4% of global output, mainly produced in Canada and Mexico, but not in the United States.

International graphite resource trade pattern
The leading importers of natural graphite in the world are Japan, China, Germany, the United States, India, Canada, etc., and the leading exporters of graphite are China, Brazil, Germany, the United States, Mexico, etc.

Analysis of the status of global import trade
The global natural graphite import volume in 2019 was 457,300 tons, and the central importing countries were Japan, China, Germany, the United States, and India.
Japan is the world's largest importer of graphite and one of the significant graphite consumers. In 2019, 65,900 tons of natural graphite was imported, 90.85% of which came from China; exports were mainly processed products. In 2019, only 1,320 tons were exported, but the export value was as high as 11,630 US dollars / T, mainly exported to South Korea, Thailand, China, the United States, and so on.
China is the second-largest importer of graphite, mainly from North Korea. In 2016, China's total graphite import volume was 49,300 tons, and graphite imports from North Korea accounted for 95.03% of China's total import volume.
Germany is the third-largest natural graphite importer in the world. In 2019, 45,800 tons of natural graphite was imported, of which 56.13% was imported from China; in 2019, 18,000 tons were exported, mainly to the Czech, Austria, and neighboring French countries.
United States
The United States is the fourth largest importer of natural graphite in the world. In 2019, 40,300 tons of natural graphite was imported, mainly from China, Mexico, Canada, and other countries. Exported mostly to neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico.
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