Apple will switch to its own iPhone modem design in 2023

According to Nikkei News, Apple plans to cooperate with TSMC to produce its own 5G modem for the future iPhone. It is said that Apple plans to use TSMC's 4nm process node, which has not yet been deployed for any commercial products. The modem is being designed and tested at 5nm, and then mass-produced at 4nm in 2023.
It is widely expected that Apple will switch to its own-designed modem in 2023, and TSMC is its natural manufacturing partner. Qualcomm is the industry leader, producing modem components for the entire iPhone 13 series, and recently stated that it expects to account for only 20% of iPhone modem orders within two years.
Apple acquired Intel's 5G modem division in 2019, heralding a final shift. Earlier that year, Qualcomm and Apple agreed to end a costly modem technology patent dispute. As part of the settlement agreement, Qualcomm received more than $4 billion in compensation.
TSMC is the manufacturer of all iPhone A-series processors and M1 system-on-chips for Mac computers. According to Nikkei News, Cupertino has hundreds of TSMC engineers working with Apple's chip development team. According to reports, the iPhone SoC in 2022 will use TSMC’s 4nm process, and it is said that some iPad models will use 3nm processors in 2023. Nikkei said that the iPhone will achieve a 3nm leap "as soon as possible" next year.

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