Huawei's smartwatch can measure blood pressure

According to reports, Huawei is developing a miniature blood pressure cuff for its next-generation smartwatch Huawei Watch d. The concept of this wristband is similar to the cuffs you are familiar with.
According to a watch instruction video leaked on Weibo, Huawei Watch D will come with an accessory. When you need to measure blood pressure, you can install this accessory under the watch strap. You have to measure the circumference of your wrist to find the right size, and this accessory looks bulky.
When used, this accessory will expand, and then save the result to Huawei Health Center. To take a reading, you must place your arm on the left side of your chest, but the regulatory agency has not yet approved this method. According to reports, Huawei Watch D will measure high blood pressure and low blood pressure, and record heart rate and electrocardiogram. There are rumors that Watch D has 32MB of storage space and 4GB of internal memory, similar to Watch GT 3, another fitness-centric smartwatch from Huawei. It also supports external Bluetooth headsets.
Smartwatches have gradually added medical-grade health functions, while Huawei's Watch D is not a brand-new product in terms of blood pressure monitoring. The Omron Heart Guide has an integrated cuff that can be contracted and expanded according to your needs, and it is FDA approved. It is also easier to use than mature cuffs, although it is not suitable for daily wear. The problem is here: it will be a big thing to monitor blood pressure without an inflatable cuff, and it will be a bigger thing to add such a diagnostic function to a smartwatch.
On Huawei's social media accounts, the comments on Watch D are sometimes exciting, and sometimes hesitant about the cumbersome testing mechanism of this strap.
A smartwatch that can truly become a doctor on your wrist is your holy grail. However, until a company determines its form factor, we do not believe that any device will be easier or more convenient to use than a simple smart blood pressure cuff. Nowadays, these cuffs have easy-to-use applications, Bluetooth, wifi, and other functions.

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