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What is Ni-Ti Alloy?

What is Ni-Ti Alloy?
Ni-Ti Alloy is a shape memory alloy, which is a special alloy that can automatically restore its plastic deformation to its original shape at a certain temperature. Its expansion rate is more than 20%, its fatigue life is up to 1*10 to the 7th power, its damping characteristic is 10 times higher than that of ordinary springs, and its corrosion resistance is better than the best medical stainless steel at present, so it can meet various engineering and It is a very excellent functional material for medical application requirements.
In addition to its unique shape memory function, memory alloy also has excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping, and superelasticity.

Phase transformation and properties of Ni-Ti Alloy
Ni-Ti Alloy is a binary alloy composed of nickel and titanium. Due to changes in temperature and mechanical pressure, there are two different crystal structure phases, namely the austenite phase and martensite phase. The phase transformation sequence of nickel-titanium alloy cooling is the parent phase (austenite phase)-R phase-martensite phase. The R phase is rhombohedral, and the austenite is at a higher temperature (greater than the same: the temperature at which the austenite starts), or when the load is removed (deactivation is removed from the external force), it is cubic and hard. The shape is relatively stable. The martensite phase is the state when the temperature is relatively low (less than Mf: the temperature at which the martensite ends) or when it is loaded (activated by an external force). It is hexagonal, ductile, repeatable, not stable, and easy to Deformed.
Special properties of Ni-Ti Alloy
Shape Memory: Ni-Ti Alloy have the feature of shape memory. Shape memory is that when the parent phase of a certain shape is cooled from above Af temperature to below Mf temperature to form martensite, the martensite is deformed at a temperature below Mf and heated to below Af temperature. With the reverse phase transformation, the material will automatically restore its shape at the parent phase. Shape memory effect is a thermally induced phase transition in Ni-Ti Alloy.
The superelastic: The so-called superelasticity refers to the phenomenon that the strain of the specimen under the action of external force is far greater than the elastic limit strain variable, and the strain can be automatically recovered during unloading. That is, in the parent state, due to the action of applied stress, the stress-induced martensitic transformation occurs, and the alloy exhibits mechanical behavior different from that of ordinary materials. Its elastic limit is far greater than that of ordinary materials, and it no longer obeyes Hooke's law.
Oral temperature sensitivity: Stainless steel wire and CoCr alloy tooth orthotic wire orthotic force are not affected by oral temperature. The orthodontic force of superelastic Ni-Ti Alloy orthodontic wire varies with the change of oral temperature when the amount of deformation is constant. As the temperature rises, the orthodontic force increases.
Corrosion resistance: Research shows that the corrosion resistance of nickel-titanium wire and stainless steel wire.
Toxicity resistance: The special chemical composition of nickel-titanium shape memory alloy, that is, it is a nickel-titanium and other atomic alloys, containing about 50% nickel, and nickel is known to have carcinogenic and cancer-promoting effects. In general, the surface layer of titanium oxidation acts as a barrier, making the Ni-Ti alloy have good biocompatibility.
Ni-Ti Alloy Supplier
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