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Advanced functional materials: Bio bionic interface design helps to sew, weave and wash fiber zinc battery and power fabric

The rapid development of

flexible wearable devices promotes the development of high-performance high security flexible energy storage devices. Traditional electrochemical energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries use toxic harmful flammable organic electrolytes which have great security risks. In contrast the new fiber water zinc batteries (azbs) are not only flexible low cost high specific capacity but also safe non-toxic which is a better choice for flexible energy storage devices. Although

fibrous zinc batteries have many outsting advantages the preparation of fibrous azbs at this stage mostly relies on manual preparation in the laboratory can not achieve large-scale production. The main bottleneck is the lack of fiber electrode with high flexibility shear resistance high capacity. Due to the high tensile force of the active material in the production process the active material is easy to fall off. Therefore the development of electrode materials with high electrochemical performance strong interfacial interaction with fiber substrate is one of the key to realize the large-scale application of fibrous azbs.

Recently researchers Wang Bin Cheng Jianli from the Institute of chemical materials Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics have developed a new type of carbon nanotube fiber with high capacity high flexibility long life span by using a biomimetic material with strong adhesion redox activity – polydopamine (PDA) which is anchored to the surface of carbon nanotube fiber as an organic material nano binder through synergistic interface effect Durable braidable sewable washable azbs based fiber electrodes (pcnf) fabric based energy devices. By removing the soluble impurities increasing the proportion of active quinone groups the storage capacity of Zn2 in the optimized PDA derivative material was greatly improved. The fiber power supply has a specific capacity of 372.3 MAH g – 1 excellent cycle stability at a current density of 50 mag – 1. At a current density of 1000 mag – 1 the capacity retention rate is 80% after 1700 cycles. In addition due to the excellent adhesion between PDA conductive carbon substrate flexible fiber electrodes can be sewn into power fabric by using commercial knitting machine sewing machine customized fabric type energy devices can be prepared which have stable power output under different bending conditions or after washing can supply power for various electronic devices. (the first part of the thesis is Wang Changfeng a postgraduate student the corresponding authors are Wang Bin Cheng Jianli. Researchers believe that the fixation of bioactive molecules to build a bionic functional interface can greatly strengthen the interface force between the organic electrode material the flexible substrate effectively solve the problem that the fiber electrode causes the active material to fall off under the action of high shear force tensile force other external forces which leads to the functional failure of energy storage devices. In order to develop high-performance braided sewable washable fibrous zinc battery electrodes fabric type energy devices realize the large-scale production application of flexible energy storage equipment some solutions are proposed.

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