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Advanced materials: organic combination of polypeptide and gold nanoparticles

gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have been widely used in biosensor related fields for decades due to their excellent optical properties stability (such as pregnancy detection card for home use). Since nucleic acid functionalized gold nanoparticles were first reported for biological detection other biomolecular modified gold nanoparticles have successfully achieved a series of detection analysis methods for metal ions organic molecules oligonucleotides proteins. Peptide is composed of amino acids which is the fragment of protein. With the popularization of solid-phase peptide synthesis technology the research application of synthetic peptide molecules have developed rapidly. Due to the designability of its amino acid sequence synthetic peptides have great chemical diversity. Combined with its important functions in organisms synthetic peptides have been widely used in biotechnology pharmaceutical research development nano materials other cross fields as an editing material in recent years. For example peptide molecules can be used as a kind of receptor for biomolecule recognition which can specifically bind to specific target molecules achieve the binding ability similar to antibody. Due to the better thermal stability of polypeptide molecules it has great potential to be a substitute for antibody proteins. Gold nanoparticles polypeptide molecules are important basic nanomaterials biomaterials with high robustness low cost. As a result more more interest has been attracted in the biological detection technology based on the hybrid nanomaterials especially in the fields of molecular targeting cell imaging drug delivery treatment (Fig. 1).

figure 1 based on the outsting work in the past 25 years new applications in recent years.

Figure 2 the core content framework of this review.

recently Professor Wang Yi his collaborators Professor Wolfgang Knoll of Austrian National Institute of technology Professor Bo liedberg of Nanyang Polytechnic University of Singapore from the school of optometry School of biomedical engineering of Wenzhou Medical University took the topic of “rational design of functional peptide gold hybrid nanomaterials for molecular interactions” as the topic in advanced Review of materials( DOI:10.1002/adma.202000866 )The latest research progress of functionalized polypeptide gold nanomaterials was summarized. This review summarizes the characteristics of polypeptides gold nanoparticles. Through the rational design screening functional modification of polypeptides they can form a controllable stable system with gold nanoparticles so as to meet the needs of different intermolecular interactions. From the perspective of peptide functionality (peptide as substrate binding molecule etc.) this paper reviews the outsting work of peptide gold hybrid nanomaterials in the fields of biosensor cell imaging targeted therapy. For example using polypeptide molecules as substrate alloy nanoparticles the activity function of enzyme proteins (including protease phosphatase deacetylase demethylase kinase etc.) of various biomarkers were analyzed detected by colorimetry fluorescence resonance energy transfer electrochemistry plasma resonance other detection methods as well as the screening of corresponding small molecule inhibitors. In addition polypeptide molecules are used as binding molecules with recognition ability. Through the detection labeling of gold nanoparticles different target molecules or supramolecules (including metal ions small molecules proteins exosomes other extracellular vesicles bacteria viruses) are analyzed labeled cell imaging targeted therapy. For biological detection technology cell targeting

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