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Affected by COVID-19, BEITE Casual Shoes Manufacturer adjusts prices of products exported to Europe

Affected by COVID-19, BEITE Casual Shoes Manufacturer adjusts prices of products exported to Europe.Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has spread around the world, killing tens of thousands of people and having a valuable impact on healthy living.


At present, Europe has become the center of the COVID-19 epidemic. As of April 8, local time, the number of diagnoses in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany has exceeded 100,000. The latest epidemic data released by European countries on the 7th shows that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in many places in Europe continues to increase. The inflection point of the epidemic has not yet appeared, and many countries have implemented stricter measures.
The COVID-19 epidemic data released by the British Ministry of Health on the 7th showed that the cumulative number of deaths in the UK increased to 6159 cases on that day, and the increasing number of confirmed cases reached 55242, an increase of 3634 cases compared with the previous day. A spokesman for the British Prime Minister said on the evening of the 7th that the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in a stable state. Although he is still under close observation in the intensive care unit, his mental state is good.
The international community has always recognized Germany because of the low mortality rate of COVID-19, and the proportion of the number of rehabilitation is also among the highest in various countries. Although neighboring countries Denmark and Austria expressed the possibility of gradually restoring production and life and relaxing the foot restraint, the Germans still firmly said no. Prime Minister Merkel said that at least until the 19th, the German states would not deregulate. According to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institute, the number of German COVID-19 patients fell to a two-week low on the 7th. Many Germans began to estimate whether the inflection point has arrived optimistically, and new cases in Germany have continued to decline since then. But experts and prime minister Merkel of the Robert Koch Institute still gave the harshest response: never relax!
At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe, news of various countries "scramble" for medical supplies, and individual countries taking the lead in sealing off borders, etc. have emerged. All along, politicians who support European integration hope to make the EU a united community. Still, unfortunately, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated at a press conference on April 6, the EU is facing the biggest. The test is that this challenge is affecting all Member States to varying degrees and has a significant impact on the EU.
Founded in 2003, BEITE is mainly engaged in casual shoes and sports shoes, such as injection shoes and flying woven shoes. We have a shoe factory and a 3D flying weaving factory, covering a total area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, equipped with several injection shoe machines and more than 500 domestic advanced flying loom.
BEITE's main products are casual shoes, sports shoes, and women's flat shoes, which are very suitable for doctors and nurses to wear at work. To support Europe against COVID-19, BEITE decided to lower the prices of all products exported to Europe by up to 15%.

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