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Alumina Fiber Application Field

Alumina fibres have a lower thermal conductivity and heat capacity. The temperature of long-term usage is higher than that of ordinary aluminum silicate (1000 1100 °C). It can be used with acidic atmosphere, oxidizing environment, reducing atmospheric and vacuum. It is also resistant to corrosion when used in alkaline environments, but can be easily eroded by vanadium and lead pentoxide. This type of fiber is used mainly as a furnace heat insulation for different heat treatment furnaces. In batch operation, this furnace can increase output to a great extent. Alumina can also be used to transport catalysts in the chemical industry. Insulation material for nuclear reactors or space shuttles. Light alloy reinforcements.
The industrial high-temperature field has a significant energy saving effect. The alumina fiber short has outstanding resistance to high temperatures. It’s used mainly as heat-insulating materials for metallurgical, ceramic sintering, or other high temperature furnaces. Low density. Its low density and good heat insulation can help reduce the quality and size of the furnace. This can also increase the precision in temperature control and improve energy efficiency. The energy saving effect of alumina fibre in high temperature furnace is superior to that of ordinary bricks and high temperature coating. The energy savings are much greater than heat loss. This is because not only does the heat loss decrease, but also that the furnace gases are strengthened. Convective Heat Transfer, so the furnace wall gets more heat and then transferred to the material via the national emblem.
Highlights on environmental protection, recycling and applications: <br />
Alumina fibres are used to protect the environment and recycle technologies because of their chemical resistance. The alumina fiber, for example, can still be used to line the exhaust gas equipment of automobiles after it has been burned. This is because the fiber exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy plugging can be made with Saffil fiber alumina. It expands less when the temperature increases, approximately 25% less than pure aluminum, which helps the piston and the cylinder to match well, and saves fuel.<br />
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Composite material performance benefits:<br />
Alumina fibers and metal matrix composites have improved mechanical properties and wear resistance. They also reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion. Alumina fiber reinforced metallic matrix composites are used in automotive piston blades and rotary compressor blades. The alumina composite material, which is made of a resin matrix and alumina fiber that is well-bonded, has replaced glass fibers, carbon fibres, and other materials in some areas. In the stationery industry, the material can be transformed into fishing rods in various colors, golf ball, snowboards or tennis rackets.
The Alumina Long Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites are mainly applied to high-load mechanical components and high-temperature, high-speed rotating elements as well high-functional parts with light-weight requirements. These include automotive connecting rods or transmission rods as brake pads and other components, as also helicopter transmissions. Device, etc. Recently, researchers began using it as a lining for thermonuclear heat exchangers that cool the reactors.<br />
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