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Apple will launch an eSIM-only smartphone

An anonymous person revealed to MacRumors that Apple has suggested that major US carriers prepare to launch smartphones that only support e-SIM before September 2022. The whistleblower shared a seemingly legal document outlining the timetable for this action, but the document did not specifically mention Apple or iPhone. As part of the transformation, some U.S. operators are said to start offering some iPhone 13 models without a built-in nano-sim card in the second quarter of 2022. There is no Nano SIM card in the box of iPhone 13 models sold in Apple stores or Users can usually activate the cellular plan via eSIM by turning on the iPhone, connecting to the Wi-Fi network, and following the instructions on the screen.
Taking into account the so-called September 2022 deadline, Apple may begin to remove the physical SIM card slot from some iPhone 14 models instead of some iPhone 15 models as originally rumored, but there is no conclusion yet.
eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows users to activate cellular plans without using a nano-SIM card. It is worth noting that eSIM services are not available in all countries, so iPhones with SIM card slots may still be available in some markets. There are more than 100 operators around the world providing eSIM services, and more operators plan to launch support services in 2022, including Three in the United Kingdom and Vodafone in New Zealand.
iPhone 13 already supports multiple eSIM configurations, allowing users to digitally subscribe to multiple cellular plans and switch between them. This feature may pave the way for the elimination of SIM card slots in some countries.
The former chief design officer of Apple, Jonny Ive, once envisioned that the iPhone would become "a piece of glass", and the removal of the SIM card slot would be another step towards a seamless design and improved waterproof performance. Removing this slot will also free up some valuable space inside the iPhone-every byte is important.
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