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COVID-19 test kits are in high demand, and the price of colloidal gold has also risen

At the end of February, the export price of a colloidal gold antibody detection reagent for one person was 2-3 US dollars, which has now doubled, and the latest UK purchase price has approached 10 US dollars. As a result, the cost of production of crucial material test cards has also been rising, and supply is in short supply.
The manufacturer of Mr. Zhang is mainly engaged in colloidal gold antibody detection reagents, with an output of 300,000-500,000 copies per day. Since the end of February, the export of testing reagents has begun, and Mr. Zhang has experienced the rising prices of testing reagents. "Compared with the beginning of trading at the end of last month, the amount of testing reagents has now doubled. The cost of a batch of testing reagents imported from the UK two days ago has also refreshed the price record. It is not convenient to say how much it is. He added.
New coronary pneumonia detection reagents can be divided into two categories: nucleic acid detection reagents and antibody detection reagents, among which antibody detection reagents include colloidal gold method, magnetic particle chemiluminescence method, etc. Due to the different manufacturing processes, the prices of various detection reagents are also different, and the amount of one portion of nucleic acid detection reagents is generally twice that of colloidal gold detection reagents.
Due to the shortage of testing reagents, major overseas markets have opened up green channels for imported testing reagent products. In this regard, Mr. Zhang's personal experience is indeed very efficient: "The European CE certificate is very user-friendly, and the approval is speedy. They have stringent requirements on the diagnostic technology to enter the human body, but they are very humane for in vitro diagnostic reagents."
Faced with such strong demand, foreign traders have already found Mr. Zhang and proposed to set up factories overseas. As he was still in the negotiation stage, he was reluctant to speak, for the time being, only saying that the form of cooperation provided technical support to the company, and the other party was responsible for the venue and equipment.
Although the establishment of overseas factories is still under negotiation, the expansion of domestic factories in China has been put on the list. Mr. Zhang revealed that the company believes that the strong demand will continue for a long time, so it has put the expansion of production capacity on the list. Also, the company will add antigen detection reagents to existing antibody detection reagents.
According to the seventh edition of the New Coronary Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program, the colloidal gold antibody detection reagent is a serological test method, which is mainly used in the treatment process. Its effective premise is that the tested object has been infected with the virus for 3-5 days, and the antibody has been produced in the serum. The antigen detection reagent mentioned by Mr. Zhang directly detects viruses so that it can be used for earlier screening of suspected virus carriers.
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