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Non-fogging Goggles and Reusable Masks for Children Are The Best Graphene Gift for The World in 2020

"The goggles still don't fog after being worn for a few hours. It's effortless to use!" "This new type of child mask is cleverly designed and is a great boon for children's epidemic prevention." During the epidemic prevention and control, graphene anti-fog light treatment Two new products, eyepieces, and children's KN95 grade graphene protective masks, have become well-received "magic weapons" for epidemic prevention.
On the front line of epidemic prevention, due to the tight airtight protective clothing, medical personnel often sweat a lot in an extended period, resulting in severe fogging of the goggles and affecting standard work. To solve this problem, some graphene researchers found that graphene materials can solve this problem.
How to realize the anti-fog function? Inspired by anti-fog swimming goggles, some R&D institutions have tried to coat a layer of chemicals or nanomaterials on the glasses, but the effect is not ideal. The main reason is that this "fog" is not the other.

The hydrophobic film on the surface of the swimming goggles prevents water from adhering to it, thus achieving anti-fog;. At the same time, the sweat contains grease, purely hydrophobic or oleophobic coatings often fail to achieve the desired effect. For this reason, solving the housing problem needs to be addressed from the perspective of the dew point. After the sweat vapor touched the cooler mirror surface, it reached the dew point, which turned from gas to liquid, forming a white mist. If the mirror can be heated to be consistent with body temperature, this problem can be solved well.
Using the functionalized graphene's light transmittance and electrothermal characteristics, the graphene anti-fog phototherapy goggles use the lithium battery on the frame to heat the glasses to achieve the dual effects of anti-fog and phototherapy. Graphene far-infrared heating can promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. At the same time, for those who themselves need to wear myopia glasses, due to the increase in the temperature of the goggles, the temperature of the myopia glasses has also been raised, so the lenses of the myopia glasses will not fog, which can be described as "multiple benefits."
It is understood that these "tailor-made" goggles for combating the epidemic have received a medical device registration certificate on February 28. Up to now, more than 800 sets of graphene anti-fog light therapy goggles have been sent to many first-line hospitals in China for clinical application.
Currently, there is a lack of unique masks for epidemic prevention of children on the market, which is not conducive to the protection of children during epidemic situations. Why do children need to wear unique masks? At present, most of the covers on the market that can effectively inhibit the spread of the virus are designed for adults, and the lungs of children are not fully developed. The resistance when wearing a mask to breathe is a significant burden for children.
To this end, Professor Sun Litao of Southeast University and several companies have jointly developed a KN95 grade graphene protective mask for children. Bypassing the electrostatic technology, this new type of cover can achieve the direct adsorption of fine particles with the help of graphene's large physical adsorption capacity, avoiding the problem of failure due to water vapor.
Due to the unique nature of the graphene material, this mask can be disinfected and reused, only need to replace the cleaning septum and filter element. In addition to the high-efficiency filtration under the joint action of the five-layer filter, this mask is also equipped with a bionic breathing air supply system, which can adjust the air supply according to the breathing rhythm to provide children with a comfortable breathing environment.
According to reports, after the approval of this mask, the first batch of 100 products has been sent to Huangshi City Maternal and Child Health Hospital as soon as possible.
Graphene is the most valuable nanomaterial in the 21st century, and it can also exert its excellent performance in the epidemic of COVID-19.
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