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DC-DC converter is an important electrical equipment to realize the power conversion of electrical system

Power converter can be divided into DC/DC (DC/DC) converter, DC/AC (DC/AC) converter and AC/DC (AC/DC) converter. In pure electric vehicles, DC/DC converter is mainly used, and it is important electrical equipment to realize the electrical energy conversion, transmission and power dragging of the electrical system.
About DC/DC converters
DC/DC converter is a device that transforms a voltage value into another voltage value in the direct current circuit. It is divided into step-down DC/DC converter, step-up DC/DC converter and bidirectional DC/DC converter.
DC/DC converter is a voltage converter that effectively outputs a fixed voltage after converting the input voltage. There are three types of DC/DC converters: booster DC/DC converters, buck DC/DC converters and buck DC/DC converters. Three types of controls are available on demand. PWM control type has high efficiency and good output voltage ripple and noise. PFM control type has the advantage of small power consumption even if it is used for a long time, especially when the load is small. PWM/PFM conversion type implements PFM control when small load, and automatically converts to PWM control when heavy load. DC-DC converters are widely used in mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras, portable media players and other products. It belongs to the chopper circuit in the classification of circuit type.

The functions that DC/DC converter can achieve
(1) Drive DC motor
In the steering, braking and other auxiliary systems driven by low power DC motor, DC/DC power converter are generally directly used for power supply.
(2) Power supply to low-voltage equipment
Power is supplied to various low-voltage devices such as headlights in electric vehicles.
(3) to charge the low-voltage battery
In electric vehicles, a high-voltage power supply is needed to charge the low-voltage battery through a step-down DC/DC converter.
(4) Characteristic matching between different power supplies
Taking fuel cell electric vehicles as an example, the hybrid power system structure of fuel cell pack and power battery is generally adopted. In the energy hybrid system, the booster DC/DC converter is adopted. In the power hybrid system, the bidirectional DC/DC converter is used.
The working principle of the DC/DC converter
What is Direct Current? It refers to a DC power supply, such as a dry battery or a car battery. The 220V power supply used in the home is the alternating current power supply (AC). If one DC voltage (3.0V) can be converted to another DC voltage (1.5V or 5.0V) through a converter, we call the converter DC-DC converter, or called the switching power supply or switching regulator.
DC-DC converter is generally composed of a control chip, inductor coil, diode, transistor, capacitor. When discussing the performance of DC-DC converter, it is impossible to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the control chip only. The characteristics of the components of the peripheral circuit and the wiring mode of the substrate can change the performance of the power circuit. Therefore, comprehensive judgment should be made.
DC/DC converter supplier
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