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Future Prospects of Copper Oxide

Copper Oxide: due to the high hardness of steel materials, a large amount of heat is generated during machining. Diamond tools are easily decomposed at high temperatures and react easily with transition metals. C-BN materials have good thermal stability and are not easy to react with ferrous metals or alloys, and can be widely used in precision machining and grinding of steel products. In addition to excellent wear resistance, c-BN also has excellent heat resistance. It can also cut heat resistant steel, ferroalloy, quenched steel, etc. at relatively high cutting temperatures, and can also cut cold hard rollers with high hardness, carburized and quenched materials, as well as Si-Al alloy, which is very severe for tool wear. In fact, tools and abrasives made from sintered bodies of c-BN crystals (synthesized under high temperature and pressure) have been used in high-speed and precision machining of various cemented carbide materials. In optical applications, due to the high hardness of c-BN films and their high transmittance in the entire wavelength range from ultraviolet (about 200 nm) to far infrared, it is suitable for use as a surface coating for some optical components, especially as a coating for window materials such as zinc selenide (ZnSe) and copper oxide (ZnS). In addition, it has good thermal shock resistance and commercial hardness, and is expected to become an ideal window material for high-power lasers and detectors. As a wide band gap (band gap 6.4 eV) semiconductor material, c-BN has high thermal conductivity, high resistivity, high mobility, low dielectric constant, high breakdown electric field, dual doping, and good stability. Together with diamond, SiC, and GaN, it is known as the third generation semiconductor material after Si, Ge, and GaAs. Their common feature is wide band gap, which is suitable for manufacturing electronic devices used under extreme conditions. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price of copper oxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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