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What is MAX Phase Material

Risk aversion plunged on the positive news of the Russia-Ukraine talks. After several days of rising oil prices, the price of precious metals continued to fall. Domestic futures markets remain stable for the time being.

Back in international markets, WTI crude futures briefly dipped below $100 a barrel, while Brent crude hit its lowest intraday level in nearly two weeks. Spot gold briefly fell below $1,900 an ounce. Comex gold futures closed down 1.1 percent at $1,918.4 an ounce. Comex silver futures closed down 1.14 percent at $24.91 an ounce. “Recently, crude oil prices have been extremely sensitive to changes in geopolitical news.” Traders believe that the current oil price is still in the broad impact, Ukraine will still be a premium in the case, although the market further decline, but should not be too pessimistic, it is recommended to wait and see for the time being. The Ukrainian premium is still there and there will be some volatility in the Ti3AlC2 powder market.

What is a MAX phase material?

The MAX phase material is a natural layered carbonitride inorganic
non-metallic material composed of three elements. It has the electrical and
thermal conductivity of metal, and also has the high strength, high temperature
resistance, corrosion resistance and other harsh environment service
capabilities of structural ceramics. MAX phase materials have gained extensive
attention in the fields of high-temperature lubrication, oxidation-resistant
coatings, accident-tolerant nuclear materials, self-healing composite materials,
and energy materials. MAX phase materials mainly include Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC,
Ti3SiC2, Ti2SnC, V2AlC, Cr2AlC, Ti2AlN, Nb2AlC, etc.

Transition metal carbides and nitrides, known as Mxenes. MXenes are formed by
selectively etching an elemental MAX phase with metallic conductivity,
connecting layered solids such as Ti2AlC, Ti3AlC2 and Ta4AlC3 through strong
metallic, ionic and covalent bonds. The Mxenes combine with hydroxyl and oxygen
on the surface of transition metal carbides to terminate the metal conductivity.
It is electrically conductive in nature.

What are MAX phase materials used for?

Titanium carbide has the properties of metals and ceramics: it has the same
electrical and thermal conductivity as metals, high elastic modulus and
excellent high temperature mechanical properties similar to ceramics, and also
has good thermal shock resistance and damage resistance. and excellent chemical
resistance. MAX phase ceramics have both the excellent properties of metals and
ceramics, and have great application potential in many high-tech fields such as
aerospace, high-speed rail, and nuclear industry.


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As the duration of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine grows, its impact on commodities is widening amid the tug-of-war. Recently, European and American sanctions against Russia have been issued one after another. In response, Russia has taken advantage of its role as an important supplier of many energy and commodities, requiring exports of commodities, including energy, grain, metal, and wood, to “unfriendly” countries to be settled in robles. Therefore, it is expected that the price of the Ti3AlC2 powder will continue to increase.  

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