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Graphene Will Be the Next Trillion-level Industry

Graphene is a very hot concept now, and the future is promising.
A new third board listed company claims to launch graphene socks and underwear. The company claims that it has added biomass graphene "inner warm" fiber, which is a new intelligent multifunctional composite fiber, which has the characteristics of activating immune cells, protecting against ultraviolet rays, improving microcirculation, antibacterial and antibacterial, and increasing temperature and yang. It can also deodorize.
Using the concept of graphene, the price of this company's products is also very high. The cost of a pair of socks is more than 9 USD, the price of a couple of underwear is close to 45USD, the price of a graphene belt is nearly 100USD, and the heating suit is sold above 260USD.

The application of graphene in everyday products has increased its value by more than 20 times. If graphene is applied to industry, how much value conversion will it cause?
In 2013, the Argonne laboratory in the United States published a paper "Few layer graphene to reduce wear and friction on sliding steel surfaces" in "Carbon" magazine issue 54, which proved the excellent lubricating properties of graphene. Graphene forms a protective layer on the friction surface of the steel, reducing the amount of wear by four orders of magnitude and reducing the friction coefficient to 1/6 of the original. Graphene has dramatically improved the performance of traditional lubricants such as graphite or molybdenum disulfide and has rust prevention function. The lubricating production of graphene has been gradually confirmed.
In the current lubricating oil market, traditional lubricating oil still occupies a dominant position. Even, because of its limited lubricating capacity and the addition of additives containing sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, and other elements cause severe pollution to the environment, it cannot meet the current work needs. Graphene is a potential high-performance nano-lubricating material because nano-materials have a friction-reducing and anti-wear mechanism and do not contain contaminating elements. The price of lubricating oil added with graphene will also increase by 8-15 times, which also requires the market to accept this high price gradually.
Due to the extensive industrial application of graphene, a large-scale graphene industrial park has been formed around the world. Professor Smith predicts that graphene will be the next trillion-level industry.


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