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New crown pneumonia epidemic spreads in Asia, making countries’ economies and development downhill

New crown pneumonia epidemic spreads in Asia, making countries' economies and development downhill

South Korea is increasing 599 new crowns confirmed cases, accumulating a total of 4,335 cases, Japan confirmed infection in 961 cases, Iran confirmed infection in 1501 cases, 108 cases in Singapore.

The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is enormous and spreads rapidly. The effect on the Asian economy is more significant than during the SARS period in 2003. The most important thing to worry about is the impact of the epidemic on small and micro-enterprises. If a large number of small and micro enterprises fail, unemployment will increase significantly, which will affect consumption, the economy, and society. Governments of all countries should introduce targeted measures to support small and micro-enterprises. Under such circumstances, Asian countries will generally cut interest rates and further implement loose monetary policies.
At present, the rapid increase of confirmed cases in South Korea has caused market concern. The epidemic will seriously affect South Korea'sKorea's domestic demand, and tourism revenue will significantly decrease. More importantly, South Korea has a substantial industrial industry, and the epidemic will have a significant impact on the industrial chain. South Korea'sKorea's five largest vehicle manufacturers' manufacturers' February sales fell sharply by 11% year-on-year. The OECD cuts South Korea'sKorea's economic growth to 2% this year.
Compared with South Korea, the country that should pay more attention to is Japan. Japan is the third-largest economy in the world. As the epidemic poses a higher threat to the elderly, Japan'sJapan's severe aging makes it even more at risk. Also, Tokyo will host this summer Olympics, which may affect the holding of the Olympics. Japan has long implemented an ultra-loose monetary policy. In terms of monetary policy, Japan has almost no ammunition to respond to the epidemic, and it is challenging to introduce stimulus measures in fiscal policy.
South Korea, Japan, and Singapore are relatively well-developed medical care, but Iran, which is not very good as a medical treatment, is less optimistic when the virus is coming.
Surprisingly, as a country with a large population in the world, there are only five people infected with the coronavirus. It is speculated that it may not be adequately detected due to weather reasons, or India'sIndia's detection methods are backward.
In China, ancient plant medicines have played an essential role in the treatment of new coronavirus epidemics. Of course, as a colloidal silver manufacturer, Trunnano, no colloidal silver solution, has been sent to experiments to test whether this product is effective.
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