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Introduction to the basic situation of vanadium carbide

Basic information of vanadium carbide
Vanadium carbide is an inorganic compound whose molecular formula is VC, a black cubic crystal. The melting point is 2810°C, the boiling point is 3900°C, and the relative density is 5.77. Slightly harder than quartz. Vanadium carbide is a gray metal powder with a NaCl type cubic structure and a crystallization constant of 4.182. Vanadium carbide can be produced by reducing vanadium pentoxide with coke, and is mainly used for the manufacture of vanadium steel, and can also be used as an additive for carbide cemented carbide.
It has the same structure as vanadium monoxide and crystallizes in the rock salt structure. Since VC and VO are mutually soluble, VC samples usually contain oxide impurities, which are made by heating vanadium oxide and carbon at a temperature of about 1000°C. VC has thermodynamic stability and can be converted to V2C at higher temperatures.

The production method of vanadium carbide powder
1. Complete the preparation of carbon powder and vanadium dioxide under high vacuum conditions, and prepare vanadium carbide at a temperature of 1300°C or higher.
2. Pure VC can be prepared by the gas phase reaction method. The hydrogen-containing carbon tetrachloride VCl4 vapor and hydrocarbon gas (methane, benzene, etc.) are connected to the tungsten wire that is directly heated by electricity to prevent it from being generated in the early stage of the reaction. The temperature of metallic vanadium and tungsten wire is kept below 1400°C. After a very strong VC layer is formed, it is raised to 2000°C to complete the carbonization reaction. The precipitation of tungsten filaments is off-white crystals.
3. Made of metallic vanadium. Metal vanadium powder or vanadium hydride powder (a mixture with a particle size of less than 325 mesh, preferably less than a micron) and carbon black (mixed in a mine, the carbon black content is greater than 5% to 10%). When mixing metals under high pressure (about 3 ton/cm 2), vanadium will be suppressed (about 1 ton/cm 2) when pressurized, and this pressurized powder is stored in a graphite crucible heated to 1800~2000 °C ( The degree of vacuum is about 1 to 33322 Pa) and kept for 1 h to determine the degree of carburization (reaction temperature and retention time), depending on the particle size of the powder, raw materials, reaction performance, filling amount, and ETC.
4. Using the reduction method, the carbon powder, and vanadium dioxide are fully mixed, and vanadium carbide can be prepared under high vacuum conditions above 1300°C.
Application of vanadium carbide powder
Vanadium carbide has a wide range of uses. Among them, adding vanadium carbide to steel can improve the comprehensive wear resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, strength, ductility, hardness, and thermal fatigue resistance of steel, and can be used as a wear-resistant material. Used for different cutting and worn materials. Resistant to tools.
Vanadium carbide is widely used as a new type of catalyst due to its high activity, selectivity, stability, and resistance to "catalyst poisoning" in hydrocarbon reactions.
Vanadium carbide can also be used as a new carbon source for synthesizing diamond. Vanadium carbide acts as a particle inhibitor in the field of cemented carbide and cermets, which can effectively prevent the growth of tungsten carbide grains during the sintering process.
Vanadium carbide is used as an additive to cemented carbide to refine carbide crystals, thereby increasing the hardness of the blade.
Vanadium carbide can be used as a grain refiner in cemented carbide, cutting tools, and steelmaking industries, which can significantly improve alloy properties.
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