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Research on Russian Silicon carbide whisker Industry

Recently, the Russian market has strong demand for nano-Silicon carbide SiC whiskers. TRUNNANO has newly supplied a batch of silicon carbide and silicon nitride whiskers to the Russian market, and the quality has won unanimous praise from customers.
Current status of Silicon carbide SiC whisker in Russia:
At present, the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries and regions attach great importance to the development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker and technologies. The development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker is an important part of their scientific and technological strategies. When formulating national science and technology and industrial development plans, Silicon carbide SiC whisker and technologies are listed as One of the key technologies prioritized for development in the 21st century. It should be developed to maintain its leading position in science and technology.
Russia is rich in mineral resources. The reserves of coal, oil, natural gas, peat, iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, titanium, and chromium are among the top in the world. In terms of developing Silicon carbide SiC whisker industries, Russia is currently regarding the development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker and other related technology industries as the leading industries of the national strategy and national economy, we vigorously supported, promoted and implemented them, and achieved initial results.
The basic strategy of Silicon carbide SiC whisker research and development:
While dealing with the relationship between the development of high-tech and traditional industries, the research and development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker should be organically combined with the effective use of traditional materials. While focusing on the development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker required by high-tech, it also optimizes and optimizes the materials required by existing general technologies. Update, and then increase the utilization rate, make the research and development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker have a target, focus, shorten the cycle, and have a significant effect.
Russian Silicon carbide SiC whisker research and development institutions:
1. The Russian Nano Group was established in 2007 and is a leader in the emerging nano industry. Through a series of evaluations on the technological advancement, investment feasibility and market operation of nano scientific research projects, it has realized the commercialization of nano-industry design. President Medvedev called it "one of the country's most powerful development tools for knowledge-intensive industries."
2. The Obninsk research and production enterprise belongs to the State Science Center of the Russian Federation and is a subsidiary of the Russian Aerospace Agency. The company specializes in the research and trial production of non-metallic materials and composite products and parts, and mainly serves the research and production of Russian missiles, aircraft and spacecraft parts.
3. Moscow University is a world-renowned training center for experts in the field of chemistry research. Research and development of new semiconductors and high-temperature superconducting materials, research and development of new complex organic compounds and basic organic compounds; research and development of new drugs and polymers with liquid crystal properties. New directions such as photochemistry, electrochemistry, and high-dispersion system chemistry. Research on Silicon carbide SiC whisker for medicine and industry.
4. St. Petersburg University has a special status within the Russian Federation. Today, it has become one of Russia's most important scientific and educational centers. Approved by the Russian government, the St. Petersburg State University’s "Development Program by 2020" plans to include nanotechnology and material science as one of the key research areas.
5. Russia Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology is a well-known higher chemical university in Russia and a research center in Russian chemistry and chemical engineering. It is mainly engaged in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, silicate and composite material process research, physical chemistry and chemical engineering Research on process cybernetics, development of Silicon carbide SiC whisker, etc.
In summary, it is not difficult to see that Russia has obvious advantages in the field of metal materials and aerospace. In recent years, it has also strengthened its development in nanotechnology, environmental protection materials, intelligent functional materials, and medical materials.
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