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Key Technology of Graphene reduces the network delay by 1000 times

With the advent of the technological era, countries all over the world are focusing on the development of scientific research projects, among which chips and 5G have become the most important research and development. Huawei, a Chinese company, took the lead in developing mature 5G technology has begun to be deployed globally, and 5G contracts have been signed with dozens of countries. At the same time, they have been suppressed and sanctioned by chips from the US, a superpower.

Recently, there was good news from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. my country has made a major breakthrough in breaking the barriers of graphene technology. According to experts, this new type of material can shorten the electromagnetic delay time by 1,000 times.
Graphene materials and technologies can be used in a wide range of applications, such as transportation, electronics, energy, and national defense. It is understood that this material is called a revolutionary magical material in the 21st century, which is not only known in the world. The strongest, hardest and thinnest material is the material with the smallest resistivity and the highest thermal conductivity among known materials.

Graphene is a material that some people believe was forced by an abandoned spacecraft left on Earth by aliens a few years ago. Although this is unlikely, the power of this surprisingly thin, strong, conductive, and comprehensive material is worth the conspiracy.
It has been found and developed for more than 60 years, because scientists and manufacturers are working hard to use the power of this excellent material, but it is completely changing many things we use every day.

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