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Silver Nano-particles Make the New Surgical Masks Reusable for 7 days.

This new COVID-19 epidemic has made everyone aware of the protective effect of masks on viruses and bacteria. However, ordinary surgical masks are usually replaced every four hours, which can block the virus but cannot kill the virus. The reporter learned that a company has successfully developed a Nano-silver sterilization material. Masks made from this material can kill viruses and bacteria, and can be reused for 7 days.
In this enterprise in Dawang High-tech Zone, technicians are standing in front of the production equipment of Nano-silver materials, carefully observing the product data. This is the Nano-silver non-woven fabric used to make sterile masks. At the end of May this year, this company developed and produced this material and sent it to a testing agency for testing in June.
Zhu Gangyi, general manager of a local surgical mask manufacturer, said that “This Nano-silver material has passed the test and can kill 94% of bacteria within 20 minutes. Inferred from theory, 99% of bacteria and viruses can be killed in about 30 minutes. All indicators have reached the national standard or even exceeded the national standard, and mass production is now in progress”. At present, the two major mask manufacturers in Hong Kong have already made mask products using their materials.
Nano-silver has a strong antibacterial and antibacterial effect. When bacteria are adsorbed on the surface of the Nano-silver non-woven fabric, free silver ions enter the protein of the bacteria, causing the bacteria to die. After the Nano-silver kills the bacteria, it will free from the dead bacteria body and then contact with other undead bacteria. It will decompose and kill again and again, which has a lasting sterilization effect.
The reporter saw that mask manufacturers in Hong Kong used Nano-silver non-woven fabrics to produce two kinds of sterilization mask products, one with 3 layers and the other with 4 layers. In this 4-layer mask, the first layer is PP non-woven fabric, the second layer is Nano silver non-woven fabric, the third layer is melt blown fabric, and the fourth layer is hydrophilic PP non-woven fabric. According to reports, this mask is different from ordinary medical masks in that it can be reused.
According to reports, in addition to making sterilization masks, nano-silver materials can also be used in many occasions, such as medical protective clothing, medical gauze, disposable underwear, women's hygiene products and so on. At present, enterprises are gradually expanding production capacity to meet the needs of more manufacturers.

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