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Nano-diamond has an excellent effect when added to lubricating oil

A surface treatment method for nano diamond particles added in lubricating oil includes the following steps in turn
1. High-speed airflow collider was used to smash nano-diamond powder into ultrafine particles with high speed airflow, and untie the agglomeration
2. The unaggregated nano-diamond particles were added into an organic solvent with surface modifier and dispersant
3. The high speed shearing machine is used in the organic solvent with nano diamond particles, and the ultrasonic wave is used to make 4.Ultrasonic cavitation is the internal explosion of microbubbles in mechanical solvents, which further unpack the diamond nanoparticles
5. Centrifugal separation of nano-diamond particles with surface modification, and washing the nano-diamond particles with organic solvent after centrifugation 6.Nano-diamond particles were separated and dried to obtain the surface modified nano-diamond particles.
The technical effect of the invention is that the granularity range of the refined nano-diamond particles is 20 ~ 60nm, and the surface modification of the nano-diamond particles is very sufficient.

The role of nano diamond in lubricating oil
Lubricating oil with nano particles has become the most promising new lubricating material in the 21st century because of its good anti-wear performance, excellent extreme pressure performance and certain anti-wear performance.
Nanolubricating oil is a subject that studies the friction and wear and lubrication behavior on the relative rotational interface at atomic and molecular scales, reveals the microscopic friction and wear mechanism, and designs and prepares the lubricant and wear-resistant materials on the nanoscale.It is sent with the development of nanometer science and technology, is the most active tribology research field since the 1990s, and is also the forefront of material science and tribology.The driving force of nano-tribology comes from the demand of the development of high technology. At the same time, the continuous emergence of modern testing technology also promotes the development of nano-tribology.Many problems of tribology in high technology have put forward higher requirements for anti-wear, anti-friction and lubrication.However, the oil solubility of inorganic nanoparticles is poor. Generally, nano-particles are dispersed in the base oil by the action of dispersant or by strong stirring and ultrasonic dispersion.However, due to the small particle size and high surface energy of nanoparticles, agglomeration is easy to occur between particles. The dispersion and stability of nanomaterials in lubricating oil has become one of the main problems limiting their application in lubricating oil additives.

Nanodiamond is made from a variety of oils
Nano diamond exhibits excellent extreme pressure resistance and antifriction properties in different oils.It has been found that nano-diamond, as a lubricant additive, has a polishing and strengthening effect on the friction surface, and other studies have found that nano-diamond can significantly reduce the friction coefficient and improve the bearing capacity.The test results of bench friction also show that the friction between piston and ring cylinder liner can be reduced obviously.

The price of Nano diamond powder
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