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The preparation method of the magical magnesium particles

Properties of Magnesium Granules
Silver-white metal (hexagonal crystal system). The melting point is 648.5°C. The boiling point is 1107°C. The relative density is 1_74. It is soluble in mineral acids and ammonium salts, but insoluble in cold water, chromic anhydride and alkali. Decomposes in hot water to generate magnesium hydroxide. Does not lose its luster in dry air, but in humid air
Oxidized into a gray oxide film. The lumps are stable at room temperature, but the powder and crumbs have a fire hazard, so care should be taken when handling. At high temperatures, the lumps are easy to oxidize and burn, and heat treatment should be performed under the protection of sulfur dioxide or sulfur hexafluoride atmosphere.

Preparation method of magnesium granules
1. Milling method: milling the magnesium ingot to the required particle size, and then screening and grading to obtain the finished product of magnesium powder. Process diagram: Magnesium ring-pickling-car end face-milling-wind pumping separation-sieve grading-different specifications of magnesium powder-mixer mixing-packaging-inspection and acceptance-finished product.
2. Salt coating method: used to produce granular magnesium powder. Process diagram: Magnesium ingot and potassium chloride mixing-melting-stirring out of the furnace-magnesium particles and molten salt-jaw crushing-pulverizer crushing-sieving-magnesium particles-packaging-finished product.
3. Non-coated salt method: also used to produce granular magnesium powder. Process diagram: Magnesium ingot: milling, vortex crusher, crushing, pneumatic conveying, screening, inspection, packaging, and finished product.

Uses of Magnesium Granules
Used to make fireworks and signal flare. Used as a reducing agent, making flash powder, lead alloy, as a desulfurizing agent and purifying agent in metallurgy, and used as a dehydrating agent in organic synthesis or directly using magnesium powder to prepare magnesium organic compounds. Especially in recent years. Magnesium powder is used more and more in the spraying and anti-corrosion industries, and it is also used in large amounts in monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and metallurgical powder die-casting.

Safety of Magnesium Granules
It is flammable when wet. Pack in iron drum, aluminum drum or woven bag lined with polyethylene plastic bag. Tie the mouth of the plastic bag tightly and seal it. Aluminum or iron drums should be strong and sealed. The inner surface of the black iron packaging barrel should be coated with aluminum powder, and the outer surface should be painted. Woven bags should be strong and durable and prevent static electricity. The words "flammable" and "moisture-proof" are marked on the package. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse. It should not be stored and transported with inorganic acids and flammable materials. It should be protected from rain and hot sun during transportation. , And take anti-static protection for the transportation tools, and no fire is allowed to approach. When loading and unloading, handle with care, no collision, to prevent damage to the package. Magnesium dust can cause breathing difficulties, chest pain, cough, and diffuse interstitial fibers in the lungs. The production staff should wear work clothes, masks and other labor protection products to protect the respiratory organs and skin. The equipment should be closed and the production workshop should be well ventilated. In the event of a fire, it is strictly forbidden to use water, foam, carbon dioxide, and dry sand. Fight for rescue. The skin of the eyes must be protected during rescue, so as not to burn the body by flying flaming particles and the eyesight from the magnesium light.

The price of anode materials for Magnesium Granules
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