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Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg epidemic situation, development of lightweight concrete blocks

The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg reported on the 15th that the number of cases of new coronary pneumonia increased to 1,135, 886, and 77, respectively. The Netherlands and Luxembourg announced on the 15th a series of new measures aimed at reducing personnel contact and controlling the spread of the epidemic.

The Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment issued a communiqué on the 15th that the Netherlands had 176 new confirmed cases and eight further deaths in the previous 24 hours; a total of 1135 confirmed cases and 20 deaths. The institute says that not all mildly ill patients in the Netherlands are currently tested for the virus, and the actual number of infected patients maybe even higher. According to estimates from the Dutch local health services, there may be 6,000 new crown pneumonia patients in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government announced on the 15th that all schools and nurseries in the Netherlands would be closed. This ban will continue from April 16 to April 6. The Dutch government will provide special childcare services for people engaged in occupations such as medical and emergency services. Also, sports clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. will also be closed.

The Belgian National Institute of Public Health said on the 15th that in the past 24 hours, 197 new cases were diagnosed in Belgium, with a total of 886 cases, of which four died and one was discharged.

The 14th is the first day when a series of anti-epidemic measures such as the closure of Belgian schools, the cancellation of recreational public events, and the closure of bars and restaurants officially took effect.

According to figures released on the Luxembourg government website on the 15th, a total of 77 cases of new crown pneumonia in Luxembourg have been recorded, an increase of 26 cases from the previous day, and one death in all cases.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Bertel announced on the 15th after an emergency cabinet meeting that from 24 o'clock that night, Luxembourg will close down all restaurants, bars, cafes, and movie theaters in the territory. Apart from food, pharmacies, hygiene stores, and gas stations, other "non-essential" commercial establishments are also closed.

The three Western European countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the rapid increase in the number of new coronaviruses have had a significant impact on the economies of various countries. The suspension of the third service industry has severely hit the domestic tourism industry. At the same time, the shutdown of significant real estate construction industries has made economic development even worse.

The shutdown of the construction industry in the real estate industry has left producers of lightweight foam concrete unable to buy raw materials in an epidemic environment. Many manufacturers in Western Europe producing artistic components and lightweight foam concrete blocks use foamed cement for filling or non-load-bearing walls. These countries purchase the foaming agent, water-reducing admixtures, foam stabilizer, early strength agent, etc. required for the production of lightweight foam concrete. After processing return to their own country, they are processed into light weight bricks, lightweight concrete blocks, and backfills for road subgrades.

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