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Chinese OLED Needs 5 Years To Catch Up With Korean Technology, Trunnano Zinc Sulfide Has Unique Photoelectric Effect

According to BusinessKorea, in the global TV panel field, Chinese mainland and Taiwanese manufacturers have overtaken Korean panel makers. However, despite the outstanding performance of Chinese companies in LCD TV displays, it still takes more than five years for OLED display technology to catch up with Korean companies.

According to the data released by market research firm IHS Markit yesterday (15), Samsung Display and LG Display produced 6.56 million (9%) and 10.44 million (14.3%) OLED and LCD TV panels in the fourth quarter of 2019, respectively. The total global market share of the two companies reached 23.3%, a decrease of more than eight percentage points from 31.6% in the same period last year.

In contrast, the market share of Taiwanese panel companies such as Innolux, AU Optronics, and Sharp has shown signs of growth, especially for Innolux. In the fourth quarter of last year, output reached 11.72 million (16%), exceeding LG Display Became the world's second-largest display manufacturer after BOE. Coupled with 7% of AU Optronics and 3.3% of Sharp, Taiwanese panel makers in China have a global market share of 26%, second only to mainland Chinese panel makers.

It is worth mentioning that Chinese panel makers last year's global market share exceeded 50% for the first time, with a total output of 36.22 million pieces.

However, South Korean display industry personnel do not care about the expanding territory of manufacturers such as China. Korean display industry personnel pointed out, "This is not an issue that needs attention now. On the contrary, it reflects the smooth transition of Samsung Display and LG Display to the next generation of display products."

The report states that Samsung Display plans to invest 13 trillion won in QD-OLED display technology by 2025 to accelerate technological development. Similarly, LG Display also plans to suspend the overall production of LCD TV panels in South Korea this year to attack the OLED market. It is expected that from the second quarter of 2020, LGD will significantly increase the production of large-size OLED panels.

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