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Production technology of hollow glass beads

Glass powder has good transparency, high hardness, uniform particle size distribution, good dispersion, and the compatibility of resin and other components in the paint system is good. Glass powder, after many surface treatments, in the paint system for filling, paint film without blue light, good recoating, used in high-grade scratch resistance finish paint, can increase the hardness, toughness of the finish paint, improve the scratch resistance of the paint film, with extinction effect, can improve the weather resistance of the paint film. Compared with talc powder, the glass powder is easy to precipitate after paint thinning, so anti-sedimentation measures should be adequately strengthened and applied to epoxy, polyester, and other resins with good wetting dispersion, sanding, and transparency. The primer is recommended to fill with a clear 8-15%. Used to add to matte paint, enhance the fullness of the film feel, and reduce the amount of matte powder, increase the transparency of matte paint. Glass powder method: the glass matrix material is crushed first, adding foaming agent in it, and then through high-temperature heat treatment, so that the particles containing foaming agent soften or melt, gas is generated inside the particles and expanded, forming a hollow ball, and finally through the cyclone separator or bag collector for collection. This method can be used to design various glass systems with a wide variety of products and relatively high quality. It can be used to produce high-performance hollow glass microbeads. It is an internationally recognized method for preparing high-performance hollow glass microbeads. But the yield is low, and the cost is relatively high. Glass powder is made of pollution-free raw materials. Through low-temperature processing and multistage screening, the particle size obtained a narrow distribution of cumulative peak. This result also makes mixing easy, with a general dispersing machine that can be dispersed and then used for mixing paint evenly. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Hollow glass powder, or if you require the latest price of Hollow glass powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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