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Tin dioxide

Tin dioxide (SnO2), an important type of semiconductor with a wide band gap (Eg = 3.6 eV), exhibits excellent optical, electrical, and chemical properties and high thermal stability. In recent years, doped SnO2 and SnO2- based materials, such as Sb-doped SnO2, Mn-doped SnO2, Zn2SnO4, Cd2SnO4, and so on, have been extensively studied due to their special optical and electrical properties. During the past few years, these materials have been prepared by many techniques such as sol-gel, simple thermal evaporation, thermal CVD, hydrothermal methods, etc. On the other hand, these materials' chemical and physical properties also depend on the sizes and shapes of particles. Synthesis of nanomaterials is a very important step for humidity sensing applications as it decreases crystallite size and increases the sample's surface area. Finally, the nanocrystals are attractive as primary building units for assembling nanostructured materials with defined porous architectures, promising large-surface-area transparent electrodes for efficient optoelectronic devices. The surface and open pores in porous ceramics collect water vapor and gases through chemical and physical adsorption and condensation. Especially in semiconductor ceramics, electrical properties are largely related to the grain size and the pore size distribution of the open pores. In recent years, major domestic applications of humidity sensors have been the automatic humidity control in air conditioners and the automatic cooking in microwave ovens. Rapid and accurate humidity control is critical in the chemical and dietary industries and the production of 3 electronic devices. The polymeric and ceramic sensors utilize water vapor's chemical and physical adsorption on the material's surface in quantity proportional to the surrounding environment's relative humidity. The adsorption generates a consequent variation of the resistance. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective ATO, or if you require the latest price of ATO, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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