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Properties of natural graphite

The chemical composition of graphite is carbon (C). Naturally produced Graphite is rarely pure and often contains impurities, including etc. Natural graphite minerals are iron black, steel gray, streaks bright black; Metallic luster, cryptic aggregate luster dim, opaque; The hardness has anisotropy, the vertical cleavage plane is 3 ~ 5, and the parallel cleavage plane is 1 ~ 2. The soft density of 2.09 ~ 2.23g/, a sense of slippiness, easy to pollute fingers. Mineral thin slices are generally opaque under transmitted light. Skinny pieces are lightly transmittable, showing light greenish-gray, a refractive index of 1.93 ~ 2.07, and diluted brown-gray under reflected light, with clear polychromatic reflection, Ro gray with brown, Re dark blue-gray, the reflectance of Ro23(red), Re5.5(red), significant reflection color and double review, firm heterogeneity, polarizing color is straw yellow. Graphite is a complex hexagonal bipyramidal crystal, hexagonal plate crystal, common monomorphic parallel double-sided, hexagonal bipyramidal, and hexagonal column. However, intact crystal is rare, generally scaly or plate; aggregate is a dense block, soil, or ball. According to incomplete statistics, the world's natural graphite reserves are about 2 billion tons, including about 800 million tons of crystalline Graphite. China's natural graphite reserves rank first in the world, and the total reserves of crystalline graphite ore are 473 million tons. China has formed mining, mineral processing, processing, purification, and integrated natural graphite industry product series. China is the world's largest producer of natural Graphite. In 2009, the production of natural Graphite reached 1.755,600 tons. China's output accounted for about 55% of the world's production, ranking first. In April 2015, the domestic market price of natural Graphite declined steadily, with a local decline of about 100 yuan/ton, or about 5%. Industry insiders said that the natural graphite price makes lithium cathode costs expected to decline. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective zinc sulfide, or if you require the latest price of zinc sulfide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.


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