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Tungsten disulfide uses

Tungsten disulfide is a common substance of tungsten and sulfur, which is composed of one tungsten atom and also two sulfur atoms. Tungsten disulfide chemical formula is WS2, the crystal structure is layered structure, and it has good thermodynamic, optoelectronic as well as catalytic homes.

Tungsten disulfide Feature
Reduced friction coefficient
The vibrant coefficient of tungsten disulfide (WS2) is 0.030 and also the static coefficient is 0.070 to 0.090. Pressure, surface coating and also surface solidity influence these results. Considerable real-time, real-life wear shows little change gradually, unless severe overload conditions are presented.

Chemical stability
Tungsten disulfide (WS2) is inert, safe and also non-corrosive. WS2 can be applied to all steady steel substrates. It is not impacted by most solvents, refined gas and also chlorinated solvents. It is worn down by fluorine, sulfuric acid and also hydrofluoric acid along with warm caustic remedies. WS2 is rust resistant, but it can not limit the impact of deterioration on naturally low resistance products.

WS2 is effectively used in petrochemical oils as well as greases, synthetic oils, silicone lubes as well as hydraulic oils. It has an affinity for lubes as well as aims to maintain the fluid power layer.

High operating temperature level
The operating temperature level of WS2 is -460 °& deg; F to 1200 & deg; F in regular atmosphere and also 2400 °& deg; F in vacuum cleaner. There is an oxidation limit at concerning 825 °& deg; F, which is really slow-moving compared with various other lubes. The exhaust attributes are also extremely reduced. The high temperature resistance of tungsten fluoride makes it suitable for bolts, studs and shafts in engine exhaust systems of all types of lorries.

What is tungsten disulfide used for?
As oil driver:
WS2 can be made use of as a catalyst for hydrogenation, desulfurization, polymerization, reforming, hydration, dehydration and also hydroxylation because of its outstanding splitting performance, high catalytic task and long service life.

As strong lubricant:
The friction coefficient of WS2 is between 0.01 and also 0.03, and also the compressive toughness is as high as 2100MPa. It has the benefits of vast use temperature, lengthy lubrication life, reduced friction aspect, great acid as well as alkali resistance, great deterioration resistance, excellent tons resistance, and so on, so it is commonly utilized as a solid lubricating substance for high temperature, high pressure, high speed, high tons and transport equipment in chemical active media.

As energy storage space electrode product:
WS2 is a kind of layered product, which is linked by WMurS covalent bond in the layer as well as van der Waals pressure in between layers, as well as the distance in between layers is moderate, so it has good thermochemical security, lithium storage performance and also fast electron transfer rate, which can effectively enhance the energy density as well as structural stability of electrode products.

Chip transistors:
WS2 is a low-dimensional shift metal semiconductor product that makes semiconductor tools with stronger data handling as well as storage space capacities.

As an additive for high-performance lubricating oil:
It is located that adding a suitable amount of WS2 nanoparticles to the lubricating oil can significantly boost the lubrication efficiency of the lubricating oil, minimize the rubbing coefficient by 20%-50%, as well as boost the oil film strength by 30%-40%. Its lubrication efficiency is better than that of nano-MoS2.

Tungsten disulfide Price
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