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Properties of calcium Hexaboride

What is Calcium hexaboride?

CaB6 is Calcium hexaboride structured and crystallizes in the cubic Pm-3m space group. The structure is three-dimensional. Ca is bonded in a 1-coordinate geometry to twenty-four equivalent B atoms. All Ca–B bond lengths are 3.05 Å. Calcium hexaboride is used in manufacturing boron-alloyed steel and as a deoxidation agent in producing oxygen-free copper. The latter results in higher conductivity than conventionally phosphorus-deoxidized copper owing to the low solubility of boron in copper. It serves as a calcium supply for plants. For acidic soils, it enhances water penetration. It enhances plant absorption of key plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) in acidic soils. Calcium supplements may increase the incidence of constipation, severe diarrhoea, and abdominal pain. It highlights that calcium carbonate is more often associated with gastrointestinal side effects, including constipation, flatulence, and bloating.


What is the best form of calcium to take for osteoporosis?

The two most commonly used calcium products are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate supplements dissolve better in an acid environment, so they should be taken with a meal. Calcium citrate supplements can be taken anytime because they do not need acid to dissolve. Dairy products, such as cheese, milk and yoghurt. Dark green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and kale. Fish with edible soft bones, such as sardines and canned salmon. Calcium-fortified foods and beverages include soy products, cereal and fruit juices, and milk substitutes. That white dust is agricultural lime, sometimes called aglime. It is a soil conditioner made from crushed limestone. Once the lime dissolves releases a base that lowers the soil's acidity. Farmers apply lime to increase yields.


Properties of calcium hexaboride

CaB6 has been investigated due to various peculiar physical properties such as superconductivity, valence fluctuation and Kondo effects. However, the most remarkable property of CaB6 is its ferromagnetism. It occurs at an unexpectedly high temperature (600 K) and with a low magnetic moment below 0.07. This high-temperature ferromagnetism originates from the ferromagnetic phase of a dilute electron gas, linkage to the presumed excitonic state in calcium boride, or external impurities on the sample's surface. The impurities might include iron and nickel, probably coming from impurities in the boron used to prepare the sample. CaB6 is insoluble in H2O, MeOH (methanol), and EtOH (ethanol) and dissolves slowly in acids.[5] Its microhardness is 27 GPa, Knoop hardness is 2600 kg/mm2), the Young modulus is 379 GPa, and electrical resistivity is greater than 2·1010 Ω·m for pure crystals. CaB6 is a semiconductor with an energy gap estimated at 1.0 eV. The low, semi-metallic conductivity of many CaB6 samples can be explained by unintentional doping due to impurities and possible non-stoichiometry.


Price of Calcium hexaboride

Calcium hexaboride particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Calcium hexaboride. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Calcium hexaboride is on our company's official website.


Calcium hexaboride supplier

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