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Use of aqueous calcium stearate

Calcium stearate lotion refers to the hydration of calcium stearate, also known as water-based calcium stearate. The calcium stearate dispersion liquid is a milky white dispersion, easily dispersed in water, and has a sense of smoothness. This product, developed by Hechuan Chemical, does not contain organic solvents and is green and environmentally friendly. They are widely used in water-based coatings, coated paper, rubber separators, textiles, construction, and other fields. It is a stabilizer and lubricant for poly chloroacetic acid but has poor stability and good long-term thermal stability. It can be used as non-toxic soft film containers such as food packaging and medical devices. As a halogen absorbent in polyethylene and polypropylene, it can eliminate the adverse effects of residual catalysts in the resin on the color and stability of the polish. It can also be widely used as a lubricant for polyolefin fibers and molding products, as well as an oil for registered residence and release of thermosetting plastics such as phenolic and amino compounds and polyester-reinforced plastics, a thickener for lubricating grease, a waterproof agent for textiles and a matting agent for paints. Construction industry: foaming cement products can improve the stability of foam in the process of cement foaming and improve the waterproof performance of foaming cement products. It can be used for demolding cement products. Plastic processing industry: It can also be used as a heat stabilizer for PVC, a lubricant for various plastic processing, and a release agent. Metal processing: Lubrication treatment for cold extrusion, cold stamping, and cold drawing forming of metal materials. Textile Products: Can be used as a polishing agent to improve surface hydrophobicity. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective calcium stearate lotion, or if you require the latest price of calcium stearate lotion, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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