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What is Aluminum boride?

What is Aluminum boride?
Aluminum boride is a binary compound of aluminum and boron, the chemical formula is AlB2. It is a red solid at room temperature and pressure and loses its surface gloss when heated. Aluminum boride is stable in cold dilute acid and decomposes in hot hydrochloric and nitric acid. It is made by mixing fine powders of aluminum and boron and reacting them with heat.

Aluminum boride properties
Aluminum boride (AlB2) is a binary compound formed by aluminum and boron. It is a red solid under normal temperature and pressure. It loses its surface gloss when heated. It is stable in cold dilute acid and decomposes in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It is obtained by mixing fine powders of aluminum and boron after heating and reacting. It is one of two compounds of aluminum and boron, and the other is AlB12, which is commonly referred to as aluminum boride. AlB12 is a black and shiny monoclinic crystal with a specific gravity of 2.55 (18°C). It is insoluble in water, acid, and alkali. It is decomposed in hot nitric acid and is obtained by melting boron trioxide, sulfur and aluminum together.
In the structure of aluminum boride, B atoms form a graphite-like sheet with Al atoms between them, which is very similar to the structure of magnesium diboride. The single crystal of AlB2 exhibits metallic conductivity on an axis parallel to the hexagonal plane of the substrate.
Aluminum boride is considered a hazardous substance because it reacts with acid and hydrogen to produce toxic gases. For example, it reacts with hydrochloric acid to release borane and aluminum chloride.
Aluminum boride performance
Aluminum boride is an ionic compound, with a hexagonal crystal structure. Aluminum boride at an absolute temperature of slightly 40K (equivalent to -233 ℃) will be transformed into a superconductor. And its actual operating temperature is 20 ~ 30K. To reach this temperature, we can use liquid neon, liquid, or closed-cycle refrigerator to finish cooling. Compared to the current industry using liquid helium to cool the niobium alloy (4K), these methods are more simple and economical. Once it is doped with carbon or other impurities, magnesium diboride in a magnetic field, or there is a current passing, the ability to maintain the superconducting is as much as niobium alloys, or even better.
Aluminum boride Supplier
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