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Oculus topped the App Store on Christmas

The most popular app in the Apple App Store during Christmas is the Oculus virtual reality app. Although the App Store ranking is not perfect, it can well reflect the popularity of the app at a certain moment.
As far as Meta is concerned, this is the first time its Oculus app has topped the App Store list at Christmas. This year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will invest at least $10 billion to build a metaverse. He believes that this virtual world will become the standard for future social networks, games, and even work. Zuckerberg believes in the concept of metaverse so much that he changed the name of Facebook to Meta this fall.
Zuckerberg's turn to the metaverse is just one of the major events this year that shows that people are becoming more and more excited about the metaverse. Game company Roblox bet on this metaverse a few years before we heard Zuckerberg utter the word. In March of this year, the company went public at a valuation of nearly 40 billion U.S. dollars. This prompted investors to look for the next large dollar stock, with companies such as Nvidia and AMD being the focus of discussion. Both companies sell the chips that power them.
Today, Meta's VR helmets are far from reaching Zuckerberg's ultimate vision. But they allow you to experience what is possible. In addition, Meta now has more customers, which allows it to collect more data on how ordinary people use virtual reality and customize the experience according to the preferences of these users. If Zuckerberg’s argument about Metaworld is correct, then this year’s new VR user base will help Meta and other companies engaged in similar technologies decide what kind of experience they want to create next.
Although Meta did not disclose the sales of VR headsets, the technology has not yet reached the turning point where it can attract consumers and software developers like smartphones and computers.
This party will not last just because Mehta had a great Christmas this year. Objectively speaking, we have seen companies such as Amazon, Google and Fitbit "win" Christmas with the sales of electronic products in the past few years. So far, none of these products have become the game-changing products that Meta hopes for VR.
However, for now, Meta's success during the holiday season is a strong signal that the company is on the right path to building Meta.
The migration of assets between Internet computers and Ethereum helps to create liquidity and complementary products for the user base of the two blockchains, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or other decentralized finance (DeFi) products.
The DeFi protocol relies on smart contracts instead of third parties to provide users with financial services such as loans, borrowing, and transactions.
Internet Computer started adopting the "reverse gas model" this year, focusing on scalability. The model believes that developers provide the funds needed to run applications/contracts that use their natural gas-in this case, it is a fee for using the blockchain (Internet Computer).
But investors' response was not strong. The Internet Computer Token (ICP) has fallen 97% since its May issue-from $700 to $21 on Friday morning and there have been reports of insider trading and large token holders exiting their positions. As of Friday, the market capitalization of the token was US$5 billion, a 72% drop from the US$18 billion in May.
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