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Will Asteroids Impact the Earth?

Prediction of Asteroid Hitting the Earth

Due to NASA's warning about the impact of the asteroid on the Earth on April 29, this rumor has spread widely on the Internet. However, this rumor is not true. According to NASA, they have been monitoring this asteroid that is rumored to be potentially harmful to the Earth since 1998. They made it clear that this asteroid will not cause danger, it just skips the Earth. The rumor has been circulated on the web in multiple versions, and people firmly believe that on April 29, 2020, mankind will fall into unknown danger.
The news investigation team of Agence France-Presse stated that this rumor was spread from March 3. Some news websites have also reported this rumor, and the headline of these news is similar to "After the coronal disaster… an asteroid equivalent to 30 nuclear bombs is flying towards the earth, it will completely destroy the earth." These articles stated that "this asteroid that was monitored in 1998 may hit the Earth on April 29", and according to NASA, "a space body of this size can move completely at this speed. Destroy the earth".

The Process of an Asteroid Hitting the Earth

Asteroids are made of rocks with a diameter ranging from a few meters to a few kilometers. The larger diameter is called dwarf planet, and the larger diameter is called planet. NASA scientists claim that the probability of an asteroid hitting a place on the earth the size of a football field is about once in two thousand years. Such an impact will destroy the area and its surrounding areas. As for the event of a huge star hitting the earth and destroying it on a large scale, it is very rare. The last time it happened was 66 million years ago.
In recent years, groups of scientists have worked hard to count the stars that rotate close to the earth, and the orbits of those stars will intersect and collide with the orbit of the earth. So far, 95% of stars with a diameter of more than one kilometer have been identified. In theory, any collision among these stars will cause a disaster. Before they reach the earth, the atmosphere cannot completely break them up, and once a collision occurs, it will inevitably lead to a large number of deaths and mass destruction on the entire earth.
Therefore, through reviewing scientific novels and movies, scientists and the space station are working together to study changing the feasible path of a star hitting the earth. Scientists discovered this star in 1998, so they named it 52768 OR2 1998. It is expected to orbit the surface of the earth in the next few weeks, and it is said that if its diameter is 1 to 3 kilometers, it will cause a real disaster if it hits the earth.

The Proof of Asteroid Hitting the Earth

But does such a danger really exist?
News websites and social networking pages believe that the news of OR2 1998’s impact on the Earth was written by the US Space Station. By browsing the official website of NASA, we can clearly see that this planet has been listed as a satellite close to the earth. However, the space station found this list of stars close to the Earth’s orbit. NASA explained that even the closest planet to the Earth is 16 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. NASA also published a map of asteroids orbiting the Earth on its official website to show that collisions between them are impossible.
Similar fabricated rumors often occupy the pages of communication websites or change scientific information to talk about the coming end of the world. In addition, scientists who are concerned about NEO observations emphasize that there will be no similar risks in the next 100 years. The space agency has been working hard to crush these rumors that scare many people. Similar rumors have been circulated before. Thousands of posts were collected on communication websites, and a news health investigation team in the French press conducted an investigation.
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