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Will ARTIFICIAL intelligence Become the Standard in Restaurants of the Future

Will ARTIFICIAL intelligence become the standard in restaurants of the future

Test the Waters for a New Model

Traditional catering and hotel industry has been suffering from high labor costs, high rents, high prices of raw materials, low profits – "three high and one low" distress. Starbucks is now actively trying to figure out what benefits it would bring if it were combined with ARTIFICIAL intelligence. Through speech recognition, natural language processing, such as big data technology makes "my starbucks coffee" applications can be in consumer mobile landing operation, and is recommended for customers of different personality traits of customized coffee configuration, also can do voice human-computer interaction, to provide customers with real-time offline store does not exist hidden coffee configuration. In addition to Starbucks' attempts at mobile, ARTIFICIAL intelligence has penetrated many links of the restaurant and hotel industry. Automatic cooking robot, automatic steaming rice, unmanned management at the kitchen window, self-service food selection for consumers, face clearing…… The original canteen can also become very cool, the operation of the canteen is no longer a hard work, the purchase, sale and storage, logistics to achieve systematic management, all the front and back end of the data, but also through big data analysis to generate added value. A new canteen stall, armed with big data and Internet technology, has been moved into the China International Big Data Expo 2019. The group meal information solution named "smart canteen" integrates ERP management, intelligent hardware and mobile payment into one. Through multi-dimensional big data analysis, the canteen operation is optimized to link the data of stalls and dishes, users and dishes, and operation data in real time, and then applied in the field. In the hotel industry, alibaba Group's future hotels have officially opened. Compared with traditional hotels, the most obvious difference of future hotels is undoubtedly the operation mode. From reservation, reception, check-in and check-out, most of the work of future hotels will be completed by robots.


Operational Efficiency Improvement

Different from the ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology in go game and man-machine confrontation, the problems solved by artificial intelligence in hotel catering industry are more "down to earth". Food ordering, stir-frying, customer service and chatting all require the support of artificial intelligence. According to several research reports, the catering and hotel industry is mainly involved in big data, speech recognition and natural language processing, robot and other technology applications. In the catering and hotel industry, where the C-end market is in the majority, speech recognition and natural language processing technology are just like fish in water. At present, voice butler, customer service center, customer reception and other applications have been implemented and put into use. The unmanned new business model of catering and hotel industry enables the robot technology to be widely applied, and to interact with supervised learning, unsupervised learning, visual recognition and other technologies, realizing the landing of leading products such as automatic cooking robot, cooking robot, front desk customer service robot and so on. In addition, as different types of Internet applications flood into the catering and hotel industry, the cost of communication services between C-terminal and B-terminal (enterprise users) is gradually increasing. Chatbots and natural language processing technology are widely used in this industry, which can significantly reduce human intervention and provide more efficient answers to simple questions.

Technology Suppliers Game or Focus

Although AI in improving the efficiency of enterprise operation is remarkable, but for the pursuit of personalized service in the catering and hotel industry, AI is still a bit "clumsy". House guest technology vice President sun said the shortage of current digital technology research and development ability is limited, one of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology of ground application needs to be more or less related technical accumulation, and the layout of the restaurant in the hotel industry technology generally weak, so the deployment related solutions or products tend to cost and money need to spend a lot of cooperation. For the future trend of artificial intelligence technology in food industry, sun said, technology suppliers startup game or will be a major aspect of the future, catering hotel industry because of the demand of the many scenarios for the development of artificial intelligence technology products related customization demand is more, this not only gave a startup business opportunities, also make the traditional Internet company of science and technology started to launch related products to fill the blank of the market.
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