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Would you buy an iPhone if it looked like a Samsung Galaxy?

Many Apple fans scoffed at the notch when it first appeared on the iPhone X, but throughout the OLED iPhone, it has worked its way into their hearts. We are now at a point where the cutting of the display as a visual exercise in brand success is a sign of street cred that you are using the iPhone.

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Still, Apple has managed to move the iPhone 13 series of headphones to the top, dramatically shrinking the notch, but it is increasingly likely that the company is preparing to ditch it all together next year.
Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst at prominent firms, said in a memo to clients that Samsung Display had ordered the machines for it, so at this point, the iPhone with the perforated Display seemed like a done deal.
Apple has reportedly succeeded in miniaturizing Face ID components, most of which will be installed under the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max displays, while the phone only has a single display hole that can be viewed instantly for the selfie camera.
Samsung already uses a fully functional UDC selfie snapper on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so stuffing Face ID's infrared camera and flood illuminator components under the iPhone 14 Pro's high-refresh LTPO panel shouldn't pose too much of a problem for Samsung's production capacity.LG is also rumored to be working on a perforated iPhone display as an additional supplier to Apple if it can meet Apple's requirements in terms of quality and quantity.
While the move will dramatically increase the screen-to-body ratio of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, making the latter the largest available iPhone display ever, it will also remove apple's pre-competitive visual differentiation. That's why we wanted to ask you if you'd still like and buy an iPhone if it seemed like just one of many Android phones.

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