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Air Entraining Agent in Concrete

The ability to inject large numbers of small air bubbles throughout concrete mixers, to decrease bleeding, segregation, workability, and improve overall concrete quality, is known as an “air-entraining agent”.


An Air Training Agent

Air-entraining agent

The ability to mix concrete with a lot of tiny, evenly distributed air bubbles. It helps to decrease the amount of bleeding and segregation.

concrete mixture

It will increase workability, as well as significantly improving the resistance to frost and endurance of hardened.

concrete admixtures


What’s an air entraining device?

The vast majority

Air entraining agents

These are anionic surfactants. At the water-air interface the hydrophobic groups is directed toward the air. The hydrophobic layer of hydrated particles is formed when the concrete mixture is mixed. The aforementioned air bubbles are composed of directional layers that have the same charge. They repel one another and can be evenly distributed.

The anionic air-entraining substances can also be used to prevent bubbles bursting. They are absorbed onto the bubble film by calcium salt precipitation, which is found in high calcium cement.

Technical Parameter for air entraining agents


Main component Appearance Density(g/cm3) pH (1 % water solution) 20 viscosity(20,Sp2,100rpm)


Surfactant for alkyl ether anionics You can choose from colorless or yellowish liquid



Characteristics of an air entraining agent

1. You will be amazed at its remarkable properties of fine, consistent and long lasting air bubbles.

2. Concrete can be made more workable and easier to pump.

3. This inhibits water secretion and segregation.

4. Enhances resistance to freeze-thaw and durability.

5. Reducing slump losses

6. You can use it to make concrete for various projects, including hydraulic, marine and port.

7. This mortar is compatible with many other types of mortars.

Use of concrete air entraining agent

1. Increase the usability of concrete mixes.

2. Significantly increase the concrete’s frost resistance and impermeability.

3.Reduce concrete strength. The average concrete strength decreases by about 1% when its air content is increased by 4% to 6.6%. Conversely, it will lose 2% to 3.3% of its flexural strengths.

Be aware

Agent for air entrainment

1. This product is not toxic and innocuous, it can be biodegradable. However, it cannot be eaten.

2. You should rinse it off with lots of water if it gets in your eyes.

3. A doctor should be consulted immediately if allergies are caused to any portion of the human body.

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