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Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining agent

Triterpenoid Saponin (a form of tea-seed glycosides) is a natural surfactant that has excellent performance. This surfactant can be used extensively in chemical and light industries, as well as pesticides, drinks, beverage, food, oils, extraction, mining, construction, etc.

Introduce product

triterpenoid saponin



Glycosides are derived from tea seed extracts. This is a natural surfactant that has excellent properties. It is widely useful in chemical and light industries as well as pesticides and beverages.

Manufacturer emulsifiers are detergents, pesticide and insecticide additives. They also include feed additives.

The following are product attributes

Triterpenoid saponin

Triterpenoid saponin

The triterpenoid saponins (which are bitter-spicy) can cause irritation to the nasal mucosa and sneezing. Pure product is white, fine columnar crystal.

Hydrochloric Acid is used to make tea saponin solutions. When it’s acidic, saponins can precipitate.

Product Name

Triterpenoid SAPONIN

Yellow powder

Active matter

Foaming power
160-190 mm


Surface tension
47-51 mN/m

Water solubility
It is soluble in water

The application field

triterpenoid saponin

(1) Pesticides

Auxiliaries of environment-friendly pesticides that are made with tea saponin can be used widely in pesticides as fungicides or herbicides. This will allow for synergism. Solubilization and attenuation. As wettable pesticides’ wetting agents, it will increase the pesticides’ wettability and also help to improve pesticide suspension rates, surpassing or even exceeding national standards.

This pesticide additive is water-based and has additional advantages. It does not contain any metalions, which could damage the pesticides’ quality. Also, its PH value of neutral or acid is favorable for storage.

This agent can develop and work in synergy with EC-type pesticides. It has low dose, high control, quick knockdown speed and anti-Rain Water scouring. Because of its surface activity, tea saponins can lower pesticide levels by up to 50% or 70%. This is evident because of the obvious synergistic effect.

It can also be used as a biological pesticide due to its repellent properties and role in biological hormones.

(2) The building materials industry

Triterpenoid Saponin can be used as a natural surfactant. You can use it as a foaming agent or foam stabilizer for concrete and other light construction materials. The recommended tea saponin content should not exceed 0.4%-1.5% of cement’s weight. Its low cost is acceptable.

It can be used to improve product stability and reliability, as well as the degreasing function. This product has a better effect than acacia powder or pulling powder.

Paraffin emulsifier is a strong and versatile emulsifying agent and dispersible that has been successful in fibreboard production sizing. It can be used to reduce water absorption and enhance waterproof performance.

(3) Everyday chemical field

You can use tea saponin to create shampoo and hair dye.

(4) Textile field

Tea saponin is a detergent that has less ability to strip color. However, it will not create velvet. The fabric will still retain its luster.

(5)Oil production, mining

The surface activity of tea saponin makes it easier to separate hydrocarbon compounds. It is therefore suitable for petroleum exploration. Due to the wear and tear of drilling bits in mining, tea saponin is a good lubricant that can help save bit time as well as accelerate exploration.

(6) Photocopying or photography

The clarity of Diazo photocopying paper can be improved with the use of tea saponin. If you have photographic negatives, it can dramatically improve their clarity and brightness.

(7) Fire extinguishing agent field

Tea saponin has a strong foaming capability and good flame retardant properties. The fire extinguishing agent tea saponin is used as an auxiliary provides excellent results.

Packing & Shipping of

Triterpenoid saponin

Tea saponin

There are many options for packing, each one depending on your needs.

Tea saponin

powder quantity.

Tea saponin

Packaging: 1kg/bag and 25kg/barrel or according to your request

Tea saponin


After receipt of payment, items may be shipped by express, air or sea.

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